Some of the 10 most popular movies 2008 were action packed remakes or sequels that were much better than their originals. Others were stunning in their own right and gained rapport all around the world. 2008 was a great year for movies, as is evidenced by the longevity many of its movies enjoy even now.

  1. “the Dark Knight”: Christian Bale donned the bat suit once again, reprising his role at the Dark Knight after the killer prequel, “Batman Begins.” The deep-voiced, brooding rendition of Batman takes a much darker turn in this sequel with Heath Ledger playing Bale’s opposite as The Joker.

  2. “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”: Some might argue that Harrison Ford was too old to reprise his role at Indiana Jones. But Shia LaBoeuf makes up for Ford’s lack of energy by providing plenty of his own as a slick-haired 1950s greaser who would rather drop out of school and build motorcycles than study.

  3. “Hancock”: Will Smith plays a different kind of superhero in “Hancock,” where he seems nearly impervious to threats of crushing metal and falling buildings. He must be a bit strange, though, as his own dog answers to a rather explicit name, and he doesn’t even have a superhero suit of his own.

  4. “Quantum of Solace”: Daniel Craig outdoes himself in every stunt in his second movie as James Bond. The lovely Gemma Arterton and Olga Kurylenko hold their own alongside him as he dumps them into speed boats, shoots over top of their heads and eventually causes one of their deaths.

  5. Slumdog Millionaire”: This is one of the most popular movies of 2008; so popular, in fact, that you probably got sick of hearing about it. But you certainly didn’t mind seeing plenty of shots of Freida Pinto, the protagonist's sweetheart.

  6. “Cloverfield”: This can be rated one of the 10 most popular movies 2008 as well as one of the worst. The shaky camera views and lack of plot made for a combination that was apparently irresistible to young adults who had nothing better to do than blow money on a theater ticket.

  7. “Get Smart”: Steve Carrell plays an unlikely candidate for a spy job that goes bad. Anne Hathaway begins their mission absolutely hating him but then gradually warms up to him and eventually marries him at the end of one of the most popular movies of 2008.

  8. “Gran Torino”: A foul-mouthed, coarsely funny Clint Eastwood headlines this popular 2008 movie about his favorite car and his undeniably favorite kid neighbor. Although it has a sad, angering ending, “Gran Torino” ended up being one of the most popular movies of 2008.

  9. “Burn After Reading”: Brad Pitt and John Malkovich star in “Burn After Reading,” a movie with gory surprises around every turn and more extra-marital affairs than you can keep up with. In the end, almost everyone dies and Francis McDormand gets all the plastic surgery she wants to keep her mouth shut about it.

  10. “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”: Brad Pitt is also the star of this popular movie of 2008, and he plays alongside Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett, both of whom play his lovers in different points of his life. But Paramount Pictures was just showing off when they made him look younger and younger with every life scene.