Here is the list of the 10 most popular movie couples of the 80's. It was a time of neon colored leggings and Tab soda, but there were some things in the 1980's that were made to last. So sit back, put on that Huey Lewis cassette, and remember a time when these couples ruled the big screen.

  1. Harry and Sally in "When Harry met Sally"- The age old question of whether a man and a woman can just be friends is tested most famously in this Rob Reiner romantic comedy. Of course, we learn that in the case of Harry and Sally, no matter how they may try, they just can't help but fall in love.

  2. Samantha Baker and Jake Ryan in "Sixteen Candles"- Every girl dreams of having a Jake Ryan, a too-handsome older guy who waits for you next to his red Porsche after one of the worst days of your life. The starry eyed Samantha watches with such yearning for he high school crush through most of the film only to be hounded by the king of the geeks. But alas, love was meant for the girl with the forgettable birthday.

  3. Johnny Castle and Baby Houseman "Dirty Dancing"- In the beginning, Johnny isn't really that nice to young Baby, but that is only because he thinks she is just some dumb kid. Once he sees that she is making a genuine effort to become his new dance partner, he suddenly has hungry eyes. Dancing is a great form of foreplay and Johnny and Baby sure proved that to be true.

  4. Jennifer Parker and Marty McFly in "Back to the Future"- Here is a movie couple that spans decades. Even when the actress who portrayed Jennifer changed, the characters remained a perfect fit. Any girl who will stick with a guy who spends a significant amount of time in a garage with an old crazy scientist must be a keeper.

  5. Lloyed Dobler and Diane Court in "Say Anything"- Cusack has never been more charming and Ione Skye has never been more beautiful. She might have only given him a pen after he gave her his heart, but they managed to work things out. Any guy who has the patience to teach his girl how to drive a stick shift is pretty special.

  6. Maverick and Charlie in "Top Gun"- He's a pilot who thinks he's too cool for school and she's one tough chick that doesn't fall for his crap. But seeing how this is a list of the best couples, we know that she does eventually fall for that devious smile. The classic serenade to win the affection of the girl is used in a delightful manner in "Top Gun," making the romance all the more meant to be.

  7. Sid and Nancy- Not exactly the picture of a healthy couple, but they sure were memorable. Based on real life Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious and groupie Nancy Spungen, they were a couple that knew a thing or two about a good couple's quarrel. If it wasn't for the who death thing, the two crazy kids might have made it.

  8. Clarke and Ellen Griswald in "Vacation" - This is a married couple that has lasted through an entire franchise of films. Clarke is kind of an idiot and Ellen is almost too hot for him. They make things work and always remember to keep the spice in their relationship.

  9. Veronica and J.D. in "Heathers"- He is out of his mind, and she is just bored. Taking a walk on the dark side causes the popular Veronica to meet up with the psychopathic JD, causing explosive results. Sometimes being restless in high school can cause problems.

  10. Westley and Buttercup in "The Princess Bride"- A story fit for a fairy tale, this is what Princess Bride intended to be. Most of the film is Westley's journey to retrieve his lovely Princess Buttercup, but it is through the series of adventures that we see how truly dedicated he is.