The 10 most popular 2008 movies are comprised of some of the highest grossing movies to date.  2008 was a big year for the entertainment industry, as it marked the end of the writer’s strike, as well as the end of several Hollywood legends including George Carlin Paul Newman, and Heath Ledger.  The ten most popular 2008 movies were:

  1.  "The Dark Knight" - There was no doubt Batman fans would come out in droves for the much anticipated sequel to director Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins.”  However, Heath Ledger’s death in 2008 garnered even more curious moviegoers.  Ledger’s re-invention of “The Joker” rightfully earned him a posthumous Oscar, and it was clear that Nolan had a successful grasp on the Batman Franchise.

  2. "Iron Man" - Various studios had been trying to get "Iron Man" off the ground since the 90’s, and when it fell into the hands of “Elf” director Jon Favreau, it skyrocketed to be one of the most popular Marvel comic movies. Robert Downey Jr. didn’t take himself too seriously as Tony Stark/Iron Man, his comic timing undoubtedly helping to distinguish the film. 

  3. "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" - The story line didn’t get rave reviews from critics, but fans were satisfied with Lucas's and Spielberg’s science fiction spin, and were happy to see 64-year-old Ford running around with the same gusto he displayed nineteen years ago in Last Crusade.  Karen Allen returned as an old love interest, while Shia LaBeouf brought youth to the film playing Indy’s son.

  4. "Hancock" - With the onslaught of super hero movies, it was undoubtedly the fresh spin that Will Smith gave to his character of a flawed hero that made this movie so popular.  An interesting script and unique supporting cast made it a hit with moviegoers who were craving something funny and a little bit gritty.

  5. "WALL-E" - Lack of dialogue didn’t stop children and adults alike from falling in love with WALL-E and his robot lady EVE.  The film had timeless themes and contemporary lessons, not to mention spectacular views of outer space courtesy the brilliant minds of Pixar animators. 

  6. "Kung Fu Panda" - DreamWorks release of this animated martial arts comedy kicked major box office tail.  The film, starring Jack Black as a clumsy kung fu wannabe, was a fresh story with lots of comedy for kids and adults. 

  7. "Twilight" - Based on Stephenie Meyer’s popular vampire book series, the movie had mothers and daughters alike waiting in long lines to drool over the romantic utterings of vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) to his human lady love, Bella (Kristen Stewart).  Fans were satisfied with the adaptation despite its modest budget.

  8. "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" - The sequel, starring Ben Stiller, was the second Dreamworks film to be released in 2008, and it surpassed the popularity of the original animated film, "Madagasca"r.  The feature spurred a successful toy line and several video games. Bernie Mac provided the voice of Zuba the Lion.  It was one of his last performances before he died in 2008.

  9.  "Quantum of Solace" - Daniel Craig reprised his role as James Bond after a successful first run in "Casino Royale". Though not as popular with critics and fans as "Casino Royale", "Quantum of Solace" did get praise for its incredibly complex stunts.  Craig did his own stunts and suffered several injuries in the process.    

  10. "Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who" - This CGI-animated film based on the popular Dr. Seuss book features Jim Carrey as Horton and Steve Carell as The Mayor.  The film had quite a bit more than a speck of praise, especially from the kiddies, with lots of cute characters and a fairly faithful tribute to the original story.