The 10 most overrated movies are flicks that you got your hopes up to see and were let down. Perhaps they’re just movies everyone went nuts about, but you just didn’t get. Either way, these movies got a lot of hype, but just fizzled when you tried to stomach them.

  1. "Titanic" Okay, we get it. The attention to detail was remarkable and James Cameron left no stone unturned in creating a nearly exact replica of the actual Titanic. But the love story at the center was so sappy and overly dramatic (and equally unlikely) that we were glad to see at least one of them go down with the ship.

  2. "Citizen Kane" Film professors and critics put this Orson Welles film as one of the top two or three greatest films ever, but in our book, it’s one the most overrated movies. It might be technically well done, but we dare you to stay awake through it. Movies must be seen in context and in the 21st century, this movie doesn’t hold up.

  3. "2001: A Space Odyssey" This was an artsy flick by film genius Stanley Kubrick, but this movie is up there with "Citizen Kane" as an overrated movie. Most of the movie doesn’t make much sense and following it can be a challenge, even if you’re still paying attention. It’s been said that if you watch the movie while high, it makes sense—we’ll assume that’s the case.

  4. "Brokeback Mountain" Gay cowboys. Enough said. Two good actors who sometimes play cool guys are paired up in this movie, which created a sensation when it was released because of its content. We’ll take cowboys like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, thank you very much and leave the saddle riding to other guys.

  5. "Dead Poets Society" Robin Williams has never met a script he didn’t like, but this was one of his more highbrow efforts. This overrated movie takes on the hackneyed story of the renegade teacher who bucks the system with his avant-garde style. It’s dull and introduced the irritating phrase “carpe diem” into modern usage.

  6. "Juno" This movie took a serious topic of teen pregnancy and put a cute and unique spin on it. Unfortunately, the lead character is so absolutely irritating, especially her stupid dialogue—teenagers don’t really talk like that, do they?—that the film becomes uncomfortable to watch.

  7. "Mama Mia" Just watching a trailer for this movie dropped your testosterone level a few notches. The movie took ABBA's above-average songs and made you hate them, putting actors with terrible singing voices in a ridiculous plot. More power to you if you took your wife/girlfriend to this thing. And even more power to you if you managed not to throw up during it.

  8. "The English Patient" This overrated movie won the Best Picture in 1996 but is as slow and boring as afternoon tea. It has something to do with a guy hurt during World War II, but you need to know is that it’s so overrated it was even made fun of on "Seinfeld."

  9. "Avatar" Another James Cameron flick. His movies get so hyped and the bigger they come, the harder they fall. This bizarre, cartoonish film was a technical wonder in full 3D. But it’s too long, too weird and too thin on story and compelling characters.

  10. "Four Weddings and a Funeral" This movie was nominated for Best Picture, but is one of the most overrated movies. It launched Hugh Grant's career, which is strike one against it, and fell all over itself to be too cute and charming. It failed.