The 10 most memorable movie scenes include images and clips from some of the most believed flicks of all time. Great actors delivering great performances and great emotions and dialogue help make a movie moment memorable. This list includes scenes that made you laugh and made you cry.

  1. Bloody Showers, "Psycho." Psycho was perhaps Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, which is saying something. At the time that Marion Crane takes her fateful shower in this movie, the audience still thinks that Norman lives with his eccentric mother, and it just might be her intruding into her bathroom (spoiler alert: it’s not!). The chocolate syrup ran heavy after the slicing started, in perhaps the most memorable movie scene ever.

  2. Darth Vader’s Revelation, "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back." The Star Wars movies struck a chord with audience, especially with the good-vs-evil theme. The ultimate badass, Darth Vader, stunned audiences at the end of the second film (made) in the series, by dropping a babydaddy bomb on protagonist Luke Skywalker.

  3. Waking up with Your Horse, "The Godfather." Early in this film, we are exposed to the reach and power of the Godfather, when his employee, Tom Hagen, tries to intimidate a movie producer. After initially being unsuccessful, he has the head of the producer’s prize horse cut off and put in bed with him, giving him a very bad start to his morning in this memorable movie scene.

  4. Final Scene, "Rocky." This movie is a classic American underdog story and those who never saw the film might be surprised to learn that Rocky loses the big fight. Defeated and bloodied, this memorable movie scene shows the lovable Rocky Balboa crying out for his Adrian, trying to find her among the crowd.

  5. Orgasm Scene, "When Harry Met Sally." Meg Ryan is unforgettable in this memorable movie scene as she proves to Billy Crystal’s character that women are, in fact, good at faking orgasms…and she does so right in the middle of a crowded diner.

  6. “I Coulda Been a Contender,” "On the Waterfront." Marlon Brando gives such a stirring performance in this memorable movie scene that you feel deeply for his character. Terry asks his brother why he convinced him to throw fights in his early boxing days, sadly lamenting, “I coulda been a contender. I coulda been a somebody, instead of a bum…which is wha I am.”  

  7. The Wizard Exposed, "The Wizard of Oz." In this all-time classic movie we see Dorothy and friends and their adventures in Oz, each trying to get something they desperately want. After being turned away by the Wizard a second time, Toto pulls the curtain back, revealing nothing more than a man, posing as something so much more.

  8. Kong Takes a Dive, "King Kong." A metaphor for society and brutality, the giant ape climbs the Empire State Building in the original movie, only to fall to his death in a strangely sad and poignant scene.

  9. Indy Shoots his Gun, "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark." The always cool and cal Indiana Jones is confronted by a rabid sword-wielding enemy in this adventure classic. After watching several seconds of histrionic swordplay, Indy casually draws his gun and shoots the man dead.

  10. “That is a Tasty Burger,” "Pulp Fiction." In the beginning of this Quentin Tarantino masterpiece, we see a memorable movie scene when Vincent and Jules enter an apartment full of anger and vengeance. After sampling the residents’ breakfast, the break out the firepower. This scene sets the tone for the rest of the movie, both with its action and dialogue.