The 10 most memorable movie scenes of all time may not be from the highest grossing movies ever-after all Avatar isn't mentioned in this list at all. Some of them are even from movies that a lot of you may never have seen. One thing's for sure, though. When you're done reading this list, you won't be able to deny that these movie moments are all iconic exemplars of silver screen perfection, moments so enshrined in our culture that you can't ignore their importance to cinema today.

  1. The Subway Grate from "Seven Year Itch." Even if you never saw the movie, there's no doubt you're familiar with the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe in that simple white dress, standing over a subway grate when the train goes by. It's an image so entrenched in our collective consciousness that men generations from now will still think of that pose when they think "sexy".

  2. The Shower Scene from "Psycho." This is the movie that made showers a much more dangerous prospect. More terrifying for what wasn't shown than what was, baths became ever more appealing once it made its debut on the silver screen.

  3. The Stairs from "Rocky." Hardly any series hasn't co-opted the training montage and stair scene from "Rocky." It's hard to imagine more than a handful of people who haven't overcome some obstacle, raised their hands in the air and bellowed a strong "Adriannnnnnn!" either.

  4. The Surprise Reveal from "Star Wars." Few sentences have transcended decades like "Luke I am your father." Dysfunctional family, indeed.

  5. The Demonic Possession Scene from "The Exorcist." The special effects might have been elementary, but it's hard to forget Linda Blair's head spinning around as she vomited pea soup. If that scene doesn't do it for you, the images of little Regan masturbating with a crucifix ought to work.

  6. The Monolog from "Dirty Harry." Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do you? Probably one of the most recognizable monologs in movie history, Clint Eastwood introduced the world to a new character: the badass cop.

  7. The Outburst from "Alien." Just when you thought the coast was clear, bam! Baby alien ruptures through a dude's chest. This scene gets parodied so often, it's almost become a joke.  Joke or not, it's still one of the most memorable scenes in movie history.

  8. The Braces Scene from "Forrest Gump." There are a lot of epic scenes from Forrest Gump; the shrimp monologs, the bus stop scene , the vignettes with various Presidents and other famous people. None of them come close to the running scene where Forrest breaks his braces while Jenny encourages him to "Run, Forrest, Run!"

  9. The Crossed Legs from "Basic Instinct." Sharon Stone's miniskirt leg cross maneuver is almost hotter than the sex scene she shares with Michael Douglas later on. One thing's for sure, you'd have to be downright crazy to let Catherine Tramell tie you to the bed.

  10. The Empire State Building from "King Kong." We're talking about the classic here, guys. The scene where the giant ape takes his lady love to the top of the Empire State Building, swatting airplanes like flies; that's a scene that has lived through decades and decades of movie history. Very few of us can actually claim to have seen the original, but we'd all know the scene just from description.