There have been great horror movies filmed over the years, however none as fascinating as the 10 most haunted movies of all time. People view haunted movies for thrills and chills and for some added cuddle time with their significant other. Listed below in no particular order you will find the 10 most haunted movies to date.

  1. The 1986 horror - comedy “House” starring William Katt was a movie that kept audiences on the edge of their seats.  The movie is about a man who moves into his deceased aunt’s haunted house. A great movie from the 80’s era.

  2. The 1999 movie “Stir of Echoes” was a movie beyond movies. It was about a man who was hypnotized and started to see the ghost of a little girl. During the movie, his son becomes just like the father who was seeing the young girl.

  3. Do you want some “Candy?” This could have been a slasher movie but instead was a great movie from 1992 that tells campfire tales. The ghost only appeared if his name was said three times in a mirror.

  4. If you love haunted houses, you will love the 1963 movie “The Haunting.” The movie is based on investigations of a haunted house.

  5. “The Poltergeist” will never be forgotten. The movie came out in 1982 featuring a young girl who is kidnapped by her own house. This movie will make children not watch TV.

  6. The movie “The Amittyville Horror” based on what some say is a true movie. It’s about a family living in a haunted house that soon causes havoc on its occupants.  This movie came out in 1973.

  7. The 1999 movie “The Sixth sense” will leave you on the edge of your seat. It will make children wonder if there really are ghosts under their beds when they go to sleep.

  8. If you like scary witch movies then the 1999 movie “The Blair witch Project” is for you. It’s about teens who camp out to learn about witches only they are never heard from again.

  9. The 1980 movie “The Shining” is an original that will never be forgot. The hotel is haunted and will you think twice before staying. Are all hotels somehow haunted? Watch the movie and judge for yourself.

  10. In 2001 came along “The Others.” This movie has a mother and daughter awaiting the arrival of the father in what some say is a very haunted house. The ending has a twist no one saw coming.