The 10 most famous sitcoms ever have won the hearts of many viewers. They span from old sitcoms to current ones. But being one of the most famous sitcoms ever really takes having fun with certain situations and making people laugh.

  1. "Friends." Taking place in the big apple, "Friends" marked a new generation in television. This sitcom was based around a group of friends trying to get by in the big city. They all have interspersing relationships and try to find the meaning in certain parts of life. But their friendship is the only thing that stays the same.

  2. "Seinfeld." Although this show is "about nothing", each episode is certainly about something. This sitcom is one of the best and most famous sitcoms of all time. Another group of friends living in New York trying to understand simple, but vexing questions. Such as, why would someone where a cape on the street?

  3. "Cheers." Sometimes being a regular at a bar has its perks. Not only the discounted drinks, but the continuous group of people there soon become your closest friends. That's the basis for this sitcom. Bringing home the truth "you wanna go where everybody knows your name".

  4. "The Simpsons." Quite possibly the longest running sitcom in the history of television The Simpsons is famous throughout the globe. It has been on air for over 20 seasons as it has followed a wild family with all of their shenanigans.

  5. "M.A.S.H." Who knew war could be funny? The creators of M.A.S.H. did. This sitcom was based around American soldiers during the Vietnam War. All doctors, they live their days helping people medically. However, they help each other with friendship.

  6. "I Love Lucy." Who doesn't love Lucy? In television's early years, the sitcom "I Love Lucy" was all about the nuclear family. Opposed to being like "Leave It To Beaver", the creators used humor to speak to audiences.

  7. "The Office." Currently, "The Office" is making its mark as being one of the most famous sitcoms ever. Based off of the British show the American version has taken this sitcom to new levels. Revolving around a not-so-typical office and it's deranged boss, "The Office" has touched on quintessential American work place issues and making it's circumstances extremely relatable.

  8. "The Cosby Show." Getting to watch a family grow up over the years is a real treat in television. The Cosby family did just that. Showing intelligence, humor, love, and the importance of family, "The Cosby Show" reached many viewers with its relatable themes - making it one of the most famous sitcoms ever.

  9. "Gilligan's Island." A three hour tour turns into a shipwreck. A shipwreck turns into a hit television sitcom. Based around a mish-mash of people, "Gilligan's Island" follows a group of tourists as they live on an island and try to get off of it. However, their lives are filled with humor and love, something they were longing for on the mainland.

  10. "Frasier." Not only is this one of the most famous sitcoms ever, but it is also one of the most successful spin-offs ever. Frasier was a recurring character in the sitcom "Cheers". After that show, he got his own. It follows the life of Frasier as he lives with his father and ridiculous brother. Frasier has his own radio program and gives people advice, while never listening to his own. Comedy is soon to follow.