Hollywood is getting increasing more permissive with what they are allowed to show on screen in terms of sexuality which makes listing the 10 most famous sex scenes just a pleasure to periodically update. It’s also not just movies anymore, but television as well. It makes that cable bill so worth it when they play late at night.

  1. "Love and Other Drugs". Two of the stars of “Brokeback Mountain”, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal, reunite for this sexy story of a drug representative and a patient he meets. The boink-fest they have in the kitchen truly is one of the most famous sex scenes, not just in the movie, but for the year. There really is something about celebrity nudity that really makes a good film great.

  2. "Last Tango in Paris". Considered by critics to be his best role, Brando stars as a widower who takes up with a much younger woman in an anonymous sexual affair. For years rumors sprung up that the most famous sex scenes in the film were real, particularly Brando’s use of butter as an anal lube.

  3. "9½ weeks". This film became the basis of virtually every erotic thriller made in the late 80’s-early 90’s. The two stars carry on an anonymous, somewhat dom-sub relationship. The only thing better than the sex scenes was the movie’s soundtrack which made Joe Cocker sexy again.

  4. "Showgirls". Quite possibly the worst sex movie ever made. The writer, director and star saw their respective careers wash down the drain after the film’s release. Now considered a cult classic for its-so-bad-its-good premise, its most famous sex scene was so unrealistic, even porn stars laugh when they watch it.

  5. "NYPD Blue". In what would set a pattern for the entire series (leads appearing in nude or nearly-nude scenes), star Dennis Franz’s character, Detective Sipowicz, visits a hooker friend while he’s hammered to get some afternoon loving and winds up getting gunned down in an assassination attempt.

  6. "Don't Look Now". What makes this film so notable is that it features one of the most famous sex scenes in movies. The reason is the almost ordinary and realistic ways in which this couple makes love. There isn’t any overt sexuality to the scene (although there is plenty of nudity), but rather a grieving couple (for their recently deceased daughter) learning to reconnect as sexual partners.

  7. "The Lover". The only autobiographical film on the list, it tells the story of a young Marguerite Duras and her scandalous affair with a wealthy, older Chinese man while in her late teens. It’s hard to choose which of the sex scenes in the movie ranks as the most famous, but there are many and they are all good.

  8. "Henry and June". The first film released with an NC-17 rating by a major studio shows 19 year-old Uma Thurman’s character, Jane, being seduced by Maria de Medeiros (playing Anais Nin). Probably one of the only movies where the sex scenes between the two women were hotter than the ones with men in them.

  9. "Monster’s Ball". Halle Berry won an Oscar for her work in this film, but the only thing most guys remember is Berry getting screwed doggystyle by a couch while she grunts in semi-satisfaction. One of the most famous sex scenes in the film and of the year.

  10. "Unfaithful". Diane Lane plays a married woman whose affair with a much younger man (Oliver Martinez) winds up turning into sexual obsession. In one of the most famous sex scenes in recent years, she attempts to end the affair, storms out of his apartment only to be overcome by her lust as follows her to the staircase and virtually tears her clothes off as she’s practically panting with desire.