Even if they’re hanging on a bedroom or dorm room wall, the 10 most famous movie posters are iconic works of art. These well-crafted movie posters helped solidify the famous status of their films.

  1. “Jaws” Directed by Steven Spielberg, this 1975 thriller made people across the country afraid to go into the water. This movie’s famous poster didn’t help calm their fears. It showed a woman casually swimming while an enormous shark swam up at her from beneath.

  2. “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” Nerds everywhere rejoice! This epic 1977 film had an equally famous movie poster. Most of the main cast were striking grand poses in the foreground with Darth Vader and the Death Star looming in the back.

  3. “Pulp Fiction” Quentin Tarantino was in top form while directing this slick 1994 crime film. While simplistic, the movie’s poster is a lesson in retro-cool. It features Uma Thurman lying on a bed and smoking a cigarette while staring seductively at the camera.

  4. “Titanic” If you’ve ever been in a woman’s bedroom (and we know some of you haven’t), there’s a good chance you’ve seen this famous movie poster hanging on the wall. Females loved the 1997 epic film and the poster embodied everything about it. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet embrace over a foreground shot of the ship’s bow.

  5. “Friday the 13th” As the only entry on the ten most famous movie posters to come from a horror film, this poster will tell you a lot about its owner. The 1980 film about a summer camp killing spree produced a poster that’s equally haunting: a group of frightened teenagers huddling in the shadow of a knife-wielding psycho.

  6. “Grease” In 1978, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John solidified themselves as cheesy musical film royalty. The film is a cute story on high school love in the ‘50s and its famous movie poster is equally endearing with a greased out Travolta and Newton John hugging and staring back at the camera.

  7. “Scarface” Although not initially well-received during its release in 1983, this film has achieved cult status with tough guys and outlaws in the decades since. Its famous movie poster is simple yet effective, featuring a gun-toting Al Pacino glaring menacingly.

  8. “The Terminator” If you’re into action movies, you’ve probably seen this famous movie poster from the 1984 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold’s robotic tough guy looks are enough to make this movie poster effective. Add shades and a gun and you’ve got a winner.

  9. “Giant” Put James Dean on anything and it’s instantly cool. This movie poster from the 1956 drama film is no exception. With shots of Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor in the mix as well, this movie poster is as classic as Hollywood gets.

  10. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Encapsulating Audrey Hepburn’s legendary grace and charm, this entry from the 1961 romantic comedy is arguably the most iconic of the ten most famous movie posters. Clad in a black dress and gloves, Hepburn glances coyly away in a beautiful pose that sums up everything good about the early ‘60s.