Movie buffs will easily be able to pick out the 10 most famous movie phrases. In fact they can tell you the name of the movie and who said it. Most of the time they can tell you the actor and at what part of the movie the quote was said. For others, it is just a memorable movie quote. Either way, you are likely to know and recognize at least one of the 10 most famous movie phrases.

  1. “Show me the Money” – "Jerry McGuire". When sports agent Jerry McGuire decided to spread his wings and start his own company his one and only client that was left told Jerry, “Show me the Money”. This became the mantra whenever there was money involved in any situation.

  2. “I’m the King of the World” – "Titanic". As the Titanic begins to sail, Jack stands on the rails as the wind blows threw his hair. He feels like the king of the world with nothing but the ocean ahead of him.

  3. Stupid is as Stupid does” – "Forrest Gump". This quote has been used in any situation when someone does anything that is not so smart.

  4. I feel the need, the need for speed” – "Top Gun". Maverick and Goose made this quote popular in the hit movie "Top Gun".

  5. “I’ll be back” – "Terminator". Although this famous movie quote has been repeated a million times over no one can say it quite like Arnold Schwarzenegger did. Even to this day people say “I’ll be Back” when they leave.

  6. Yippee Kay-yay mother fucker” – "Die Hard". Bruce Willis made this famous movie quote popular. This quote isn’t so popular among women but men seem to think it makes the cool.

  7. Go ahead, Make  my day” – "Sudden Impact". Clint Eastwood had the voice and the attitude to make this quote come to life. If someone threatens you most peoples’ first response to tell them to make their day.

  8. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” – "Gone with the Wind". Men everywhere say this at least to themselves even if they are not brave enough to say the words out loud.  

  9. “You talkin to me” – "Taxi driver". Another great quote when something unbelievable is said. You just want to be sure that they are talking to you.

  10. “They’re Here” – "Poltergeist". Although they aren’t always talking about poltergeist or maybe they are when the in-laws are involved, it seems whenever someone arrives the favorite response is “They’re Here”.