Out of the 10 most famous movie monsters generally recognized, a few are technically not monsters. Nevertheless, they are still frighteningly threatening creatures who inspire horror just the same as the rest. The following is a list of ten of the most famous movie monsters:

  1. The Werewolf.  The Werewolf has appeared in many film adaptations since the first feature film "Werewolf of London" in 1935. "Teen Wolf", "Underworld" and the more recent "Twilight" series are some other films featuring werewolves.

  2. Dracula. There are over 200 film titles in multiple genres from drama to comedy and horror featuring Dracula in a major role. He wants to suck our blood but people love this guy. 

  3. Frankenstein's Monster. "I've created a monster!" Boris Karloff plays the monster in the most famous movie adaptation, "Frankenstein".

  4. King Kong. King Kong is one of the most prolific movie monsters ever and has parlayed that fame into other popular culture influences including cartoons, books, videos and comics. There have been several remakes of the original 1933 film. 

  5. Godzilla. Godzilla is know worldwide as being one of the most popular icons of Japanese cinema. Godzilla is indeed famous, having earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

  6. "Jaws". This Steven Spielberg portrayal of a giant Great White shark as a movie monster terrified many, leaving them afraid to enter the water at the beach.

  7. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Anyone who is familiar with "Ghostbusters" will recognize the hundred foot tall monster of a marshmallow briefly run amok through Midtown Manhattan.

  8. "Alien". "In space no one can here you scream." That is the official tagline from "Alien". Ridley Scott is said to have pitched the movie to studio executives initially with the tagline "Jaws in space." It worked apparently as the extraterrestrial is one of the most recognizable movie monsters yet.

  9. "Predator". The Predator appears in several of its' own films in addition to titles with its' monster movie counterpart, Alien.

  10. T-Rex & Velociraptor. This monstrous duo wreaked havoc in their terrorizing of "Jurassic Park".