Romance is a big theme in Hollywood movies, which makes it difficult to select a list of the 10 most famous movie kisses. There have been many famous kisses throughout the history of film. The list that follows displays ten of the most famous kisses. These kisses are sweet, passionate and heated. They are everything a kiss should be.

  1. "Gone With the Wind" This movie will always be remembered for its epic kiss. In fact, many consider it to be the most famous movie kiss of all time. The famous kiss happens before Gable's character is about to head off to war. He asks Leigh's character for a kiss and she gives him a kiss that he will never forget. To make it even more memorable, the sky in the background was orange with fire.

  2. "Titanic" "Titanic" is one of the most famous movies of all time. Not only that, but "Titanic" also had one of the most famous kisses in movie history on the bow of the ship. To make the moment even more magical, there was a sunset in the background.

  3. "The Notebook" Everyone loves a passionate kiss in the rain and this famous movie kiss delivers just that. The kiss is heated and intense. You can feel the chemistry between the characters, Noah and Allie, which really draws the audience in.

  4. "The Princess Bride" If you are looking for a pure kiss that has passion, this is the film to watch. This movie is a classic fairytale that is charming, as well as funny. The kiss took place between Buttercup and Westley. It is a sweet moment that has earned its spot on the list of the ten most famous movie kisses.

  5. "Bridget Jones's Diary" This movie is a modern-day romance. It's about a woman trying to get her life back together after her boss broke her heart. The famous movie kiss happens towards the end of the film between characters Bridget and Mark Darcy. The sweet moment is enhanced by the snowy scene around them.

  6. "Pride and Prejudice" This film does a great job of building up the suspense before its famous movie kiss ever takes place. When the moment finally happens, it's a passionate kiss that audiences won't soon forget. The movie stars Keira Knightley.

  7. "Singing in the Rain" This classic movie is a popular choice among many movie lovers. Along with that, it features one of the ten most famous movie kisses. The kiss happens between characters Don and Kathy in a doorway. It is a sweet kiss that happens while it is raining. Afterwards, Don, played by Gene Kelly, is elated. As a result, he begins to sing and dance in the rain.

  8. "Spiderman" "Spiderman" stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. This wildly popular film has one of the most recognizable movie kisses ever. The kiss takes place in the rain when Spiderman is hanging upside down. Kirsten Dunst's character raises part of his mask up and kisses him.

  9. "Notorious" This was an Alfred Hitchcock film. You might be able to recall this famous kiss just from the length of it alone. It is an extremely long kiss that is full of desire.

  10. "Lady and the Tramp" Although it is an animated movie, it has still managed to take the final spot on the list of the ten famous movie kisses. The movie is about a cocker spaniel, Lady, that falls in love with a mutt that lives on the streets. The kiss happens while they were eating the same spaghetti noodle. It's a beautiful and touching moment.