Moviegoers usually look to experts when considering their movie options and here are some of those experts in a list of the 10 most famous movie critics. The best film criticism does more than just bash or commend movies, it tries to analyze a film's motives and recognize spots where a movie might have succeeded even if it failed as a whole. The best criticism comes from critics who are at once thoughtful, articulate, and of course, affable. To appreciate a critic's opinion, one must be able to trust and enjoy a critic's personality. This is a list of the 10 most famous movie critics.

  1. Elvis Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell has quite a resume. He has worked as a critic for a number of different newspapers, including the revered "New York Times." As he is a retired film critic, he mostly provides essays and commentaries for films as of recent, but most of his critical work can still be found online.

  2. A.O. Scott. A.O. Scott currently works as a film critic for the "New York Times." He was also a guest host and eventual co-host for the renowned movie review television program, "At the Movies."

  3. Peter Travers. Mr. Travers writes reviews for the renowned magazine, "Rolling Stone." His work is readily available online, and you will find a more formal style of writing that is both very insightful and entertainingly accessible.

  4. Stanley Kaufmann. Stanley Kauffmann is among the most revered of film critics. He has written for "The New Republic" since 1958 and he continues to contribute to that magazine at just six years shy of being 100 years old.

  5. James Berardinelli. James Berardinelli is an internet critic, and although that title may be beleaguered as the internet is full of hopeful critics trying to jumpstart their careers with blogs, Mr. Berardinelli is the real deal. His writing is very articulate and insightful about both the art and business of film.

  6. Manohla Dargis. Manohla Dargis is the other film critic currently working at the "New York Times." She has also worked for the "Los Angeles Times" and contributes pieces to a number of important film publications.

  7. Rex Reed. Mr. Reed is a renowned columnist for the "New York Observer," a position he has held for many years. He is also the author of a number of books.

  8. Gene Siskel. The first half of the most famous movie critic duo in history, Gene Siskel is a legend in the lexicon of film criticism. Aside from gaining notoriety as the co-host of the legendary movie-review program "At The Movies," Siskel was a highly regarded columnist for the "Chicago Sun-Times." Although he tragically passed away in the late 1990's, his legacy endures.

  9. Roger Ebert. The second half of the most famous movie critic duo in history, Roger Ebert was the other co-host of "At the Movies" along with Gene Siskel. He and Siskel trademarked the famous "Thumbs Up" and "Thumbs Down" approval rating for films. Ebert himself is a highly respected film critic and essayist for the "Chicago Sun-Times."

  10. Pauline Kael. The greatest of all film critics, Pauline Kael is the one who started it all. Indeed, her influence in the world of film criticism is constantly referenced by several modern and past critics. Her writing style was unique and her taste in movies encompassed an eclectic reservoir of popular film genres, independent features, and foreign films. Her writing can be found a number of published books collecting her life's work of essays and critical reviews.