The 10 most famous movie costumes all bring character images to the viewers head on first sight. Some famous costumes, regardless of who is wearing it, trips memories of movies. These costumes are forever branded as a particular point in time on the silver screen.

  1. Marilyn Monroe's White Dress. This famous movie costume made its mark in the movie "The Seven Year Itch". When Ms Monroe's dress flew up from stepping on a street grate, the clothing item made history.

  2. Liza Minelli's Cabaret Outfit. In the 1972 movie "Cabaret", Minelli wears black shorts, a man's vest and a top hat along with stockings and high heels. The strangely androgynous look became famous and inspired a fashion outbreak.

  3. Scarlett's Curtain Dress. From the classic movie "Gone With the Wind", the dress made from the parlor draperies to impress Rhett Butler definitely fits the famous movie costume list. The dress included the tassels and tie backs as decoration.

  4. Darth Vader. When it comes to a famous movie costume, Darth Vader conjures up images for all who have eyes. The ominous black helmet and flowing cape are undeniable.

  5. Bela Lugosi's Count Dracula. The original "Dracula" film lends itself to a famous movie costume. The white tuxedo shirt, red tie and sash along with a black flowing cape became the almost official look of vampires after the movie's release.

  6. The Hockey Mask. Another famous movie costume is brought to us courtesy of the horror trilogy "Friday the 13th". The hockey mask worn by anti-hero Jason Voorhies is recognized world wide.

  7. Superman. When it comes to a famous movie costume, who would leave out Superman? The blue tight-fitting outfit, flowing red cape and the oversized "S" is hard to miss.

  8. The Scarecrow. This famous movie costume from MGM's "The Wizard of Oz" still conjures up feelings from childhood. It couldn't have been anymore iconic if he had a brain.

  9. The Creature from the Black Lagoon. This famous movie costume really was a costume. It was an ordinary man inside that scary critter covered in scales.

  10. The Psycho Mom. Rounding out the list, this famous movie costume from the Hitchcock thriller "Psycho" stills puts screeching sounds in most people's ears. That bun wig and raggedy gray dress are undeniable with or without the butcher knife in hand.