Movies can be costly, here we take a look at the 10 most expensive movies ever made. Filmmakers have the luxury of envisioning anything they want to put on screen, but that can often come at a price. Here are ten expensive films that ended up costing more money than most people could imagine.

  1. "Cleopatra" - In 1963, this Elizabeth Taylor spectacle cost a whopping 44 million to make. Estimating inflation, that makes this film well over 300 million dollars.  The costumes, the actors, the location and the constant drama on the set, caused this film, about the queen of Egypt, quite costly.

  2. "Pirates of the Caribbean" - All of the films that were inspired by the Disneyland ride of the same name had a very large budget. The most expensive of the bunch was 2007's "At World's End" and 2006's "Dead Man's Chest". Disney knows how to create a fantasy, no matter how much it may cost.

  3. "Titanic" - Everyone knows that "Titanic" was a big movie about a big boat that became the king of the world in 1997. Thanks to a huge budget, the films lengthy running time was able to be filled with plenty of action and beautiful backgrounds. Most die-hard fans of the film were more interested in the love story, but let's not forget the massive budget that was required to frame that love story.

  4. "Spiderman" - In the series, the second and third films  cost 233 million and 273 million respectively. The powerhouse that was the first of the series allowed plenty of justification to let Peter Parker come to a theater near you without holding back on anything.

  5. "Tangled" - Animated films can require a lot of money. At around 260 million, "Tangled", a retelling of the fairy tale "Rapunzel", was a pricey investment from Disney. It is fair to say that when Disney released an animated tale based on something familiar during the holiday season, they knew exactly what they were doing.

  6. "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" - It shouldn't take anyone by surprise to see at least one Harry Potter flick to be listed in the top ten most expensive movies. It takes a lot of cash to create the otherworldly happenings that occur in the Potter series. Audiences have great expectations when seeing our favorite little wizard and those expectations shan't be crushed. Haunting visuals, locations and fantastic special effects reach exceptional heights with this film.

  7. "Waterwold" - The one movie on the list that became more of a joke than anything else. It was risky enough to spend a significant amount of money on a Kevin Costner film in general, but one that is considerably lame like this film is a simple waste of money. The film cost a reported 252 million dollars (if adjusted for inflation), but it doesn't show, which means there may be someone walking around with about 251 million in their pocket.

  8. "Avatar" - James Cameron does not make movies very often, which is probably a good thing because of the massive budgets that his films require. A majority of the film was filmed in front of green screen, which means this film sure did cost a pretty penny for not having any real locations.

  9. "King Kong" - The 2005 remake by Peter Jackson was an ambitious venture and it sure showed. With big stars like Jack Black and Naomi Watts and an even bigger gorilla, "King Kong" was an epic film. With all of the special affects that filled the screen, from the dinosaurs to Kong himself, it's not hard to see where that money went.

  10. "The Chronicles of Narnia" Prince Caspian" - People often forget about the Narnia series, but creating an entire world can put a real strain on a movie studio's wallet. A fantastical world filled with mythical creatures and a magical occurrences can create quite the budget. The films are based on a series of books and an author's imagination has no budget, and that can cause the film to be very expensive.