The 10 most disturbing movies ever made fall into a wide range of genres, but they’re all sick enough to make your skin crawl. These movies do a good job of showing the darker side of human nature, and they can shock nearly any audience. Even though disturbing movies make us uncomfortable, they also sometimes have the power to help us understand important things about our inner selves.

  1. “Visitor Q” is a Japanese film by director Takashi Miike that is almost impossible to watch without being stunned into silence. The film deals with a host of perverse subjects, including everything from necrophilia to incest and murder. It somehow manages to do all this while maintaining an almost comedic tone. You may find it sick, but you may also be enlightened by it.

  2. “Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer” is one of the most disturbing movies about a murderer. The movie allows you to get up close and personal with the title character, and it has some incredibly violent scenes. There is something inherently sad about the film’s hopeless characters and their story that stays with you long after the credits roll.

  3. Lars Von Trier’s “Antichrist” is one of the most disturbing movies ever made about marital difficulties. It deals with a couple who go on a retreat into the woods after the death of their child and eventuall break down emotionally. Some of the physical violence in the film is truly shocking, and the emotional violence is even worse.

  4. “The Exorcist” is probably the most disturbing horror movie ever made, and it’s especially hard for some religious-minded people to watch. The simple sight of a young girl acting so evil is a big part of the film’s power, but it also has some truly sickening moments, including a scene where the girl masturbates with a crucifix.

  5. The original version of “Funny Games” made in Finland and France is better than the remake, and it’s easily one of the most disturbing movies ever. The movie deals with a family being terrorized by two mysterious men while on vacation.

  6. “Cannibal Holocaust” is one of those disturbing movies that catches you by surprise. It’s about a group of documentary filmmakers who go to study natives in the rain forest. They end up orchestrating their own drama for the camera, and they do so at the expense of the natives. You'll initially expect the film to be frightening for one reason, but it ends up dealing with a totally different subject.

  7. “Nekromantic” is a German film about necrophilia. It includes several graphic scenes of people having sex with corpses in various stages of decomposition. The corpses look very fake, but the movie is still nearly impossible to sit through.

  8. John Waters made several shocking film, but his debut, “Pink Flamingos,” is easily the most disturbing. The film has everything from the eating of dog feces to a sex scene involving a chicken and blood. It’s one of the toughest films to watch all the way through, but it manages to be very entertaining, and it achieves a special kind of greatness that defies description.

  9. “Splice” is a science fiction movie about genetic engineering. The characters end up creating a human-animal hybrid, and they raise it as a child. Eventually there are scenes that bring a sexual element to the relationship between the characters and the creature, and these scenes will make your skin crawl. The movie does a good job analyzing the ethical problems humans may eventually encounter due to genetic science.

  10. “Crash” is a movie directed by David Cronenberg about people with a fetish for car crashes. Some of these people actually get into wrecks on purpose and then start having sex in their totaled vehicles while bleeding from their injuries. This may sound pretty disturbing, but it’s actually just the tip of the iceberg for this movie.