10 Most Disgusting Restaurants In Film

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Those are huge! 

The Heart Attack Grill has lived up to its name once again. For the second time in two months, a patron has collapsed while eating the Las Vegas restaurant‘s fat-filled foods. It’s a pretty novel idea. The restaurant cooks in excessive amounts of lard and cream, and customers looking to have a brush with death order up a grease-soaked meal. I hope at the very least they are given a free t-shirt.

In honor of The Heart Attack Grill’s steady killing off of its clientele, we decided to take a look at the most disgusting restaurants in movies. And, no, Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector did not make the list. We do have some standards.

Road Trip

They say that you should never ever send your food back with a complaint while dining out. Road Trip affirms this rule of thumb. After taking issue with the powdered sugar on his french toast, DJ Qualls receives that special touch that only Horatio Sanz and his ballsack can provide.


When stopping for a quick bite while criss-crossing across a faraway galaxy you need to be careful what you order. If you find yourself in an interstellar truck stop, make certain you don’t order the special. If you do, an alien chestburster might just incubate in your chest cavity and force its way out for some soft shoe and high kicks. It’s a good move to order the soup.

When Harry Met Sally

It will surely hurt a delicatessen’s ZAGAT rating if customers are allowed to simply waltz in and just orgasm all over the place. Seriously. I’ve had their corned beef. It ain’t that good.

The Great Outdoors

Here’s the thing about the Ol’ 96er that they don’t tell you — 32 ounces of it are just fat and gristle. Which you’ll eat if you want bragging rights.

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