Controversial films transcend categories and time, so learn about the 10 most controversial movies. The following ten most controversial movies span many years and many movie genres. Here are the most controversial movies.

  1. "Southpark The Bigger the, Longer, the Uncut." This most controversial movie was produced by Trey Parker. "Southpark: The Movie" has been labelled one of the most  controversial films of all time. This is possible due to to the fact the the movie is riddled with racial slurs, 400 obscenities and the suggestion that Saddam Hussein and Satan are homosexual lovers.

  2. "Citizen Kane." This most controversial film was directed by Orson Welles. Released  in 1941, it was also labeled one of the best movies ever made. "Citizen Kane" explores the life of Charles Foster Kane through William Randolph Hearst. When the film was released, Hearst prohibited it from being discussed in his newspaper. 

  3. "Requiem for a Dream." This most controversial movie follows the lives of four drug addicts to the darkest places you can imagine and everything a drug addiction might encompass. The plot centered around a lonely and delusional mother addicted to diet pills, her heroin addicted son and his girlfriend. This film is  controversial for what was perceived as "glamorizing drug use" and "pornography." 

  4. "Fahrenheit 9/11." This most controversial  film was a documentary filmed by Michael Moore in 2004. "Fahrenheit 9/11" attempted to examine the Bush administration's handling of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Moore sought to find how the administration had faile the American people and expose its failings.

  5. "Aladdin." This children's film, released in 1992, incited controversy for its inaccurate portrayal of the main characters (Aladdin and Jasamine) as Arabians. Additionally, the villains were always Arabians and one specific song, "Arabian Nights" was perceived as offensive by American-Arab Communities. The song lyrics includes phrases like, "[Saudi Arabia] Where they cut off your ears if they don't like your face, it's barbaric, but hey it's home.

  6. "Clockwork Orange." This classic controversial film was released in 1971. The film received criticism for its extremely violent nature (especially against women). Supporters were impressed with the fusion of violence and comedy. This most controversial film also dealt with the notion of social conditioning.

  7. "The Exorcist." This most controversial movie of 1973 was banned in the United Kingdom for fifteen years. "The Exorcist" was seen as exceptionally blasphemous amongst religious viewers. A girl is possessed in the movie by evil demons and self-mutilates and urinates on the floor. There were also intense exorcism scenes.

  8. "Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer." This most controversial film was directed by John McNaughton and was based on the life of serial Killer, Henry Lucas. This movie was controversial for its horror and documentary-style filming, which made the gruesome murders seem even more realistic and objectionable. This controversial movie was initially given an X rating upon its release in 1993.

  9. "The Passion of the Christ." This controversial film was directed by Mel Gibson and released in 2004. The film attempted to depict the life to Jesus Christ and features a particularly graphic crucifixion scene. Jews were unhappy with the way they were portrayed in the film. Mel Gibson stated that he intended to make the crucifixion graphic and rejected anti-semitic criticism.

  10. "Schindler's List." This 1993 movie depicted actual events that occurred in the Holocaust. Oskar Schindler, the protagonist, is a German business executive who later saves and hides Jews. In reality, he saved over 1000 Jews. While the film carries an overall humanitarian message, the film is controversial for its violence and sex.