The 10 most beautiful movies are all made by all-time great directors. Many people may not realize it, but the director has an even greater influence on the look and feel of a movie than the cinematographer. Many directors who make beautiful movies even have signature elements to their visual styles or special trademarks.

  1. Stanley Kubrick’s period adventure “Barry Lyndon” is arguably the most attractive film in the great director’s repertoire. Kubrick was known for his eye, and the lush painterly visuals of “Barry Lyndon” do a great job of setting the mood and taking the audience back to another time.

  2. “The Searchers”, which is directed by John Ford, is one of the most beautiful movies in the western genre. In many films, Ford used Monument Valley Arizona as a backdrop because of the awesome landscapes he could get, and this was one of the keys to the beautiful imagery in “The Searchers.”

  3. “Solaris” is a stunning science fiction film, directed by Russian visual genius Andrei Tarkovsky. It was later remade in America, but the remake is nowhere near as beautiful as Tarkovsky’s original. The art direction involved in the design of the space-ship interior was a key to the film’s success.

  4. Director Stanley Kubrick returns to the list with his horror film “The Shining.” The design of the hotel in the film was stunning and original with everything from the hallways to the carpet playing a key role. It was also one of the first films to make use of steady cam, which helped make the visuals unique.

  5. Alfred Hitchcock was a visual master in every sense of the term, and “Vertigo” proves it. The exterior shots of San Francisco during the film are some of the most beautiful images in film history.

  6. David Lynch’s “The Straight Story” is easily the director’s most attractive film. He shows an eye for landscapes that rivals John Fords in this story about an old man trekking across America on a lawn mower.

  7. "Sweeney Todd" is the most stunning of the many beautiful movies directed by Tim Burton. This musical about a murderous barber had incredible art direction, and Burton showed a level of perfection in shot composition that rivals anything else he has made.

  8. Director Mario Bava’s “Planet of the Vampires” is easily one of the best-looking horror movies ever created. The alien landscape presented in the film puts most beautiful movies in other genres to shame. The use of colored lighting was particularly striking and helped create a strange atmosphere, which made the movie more frightening.

  9. “The Quiet Man” marks the second appearance of master director John Ford on this list. This movie is a romantic drama set in Ireland, with many exteriors filmed on location. The director’s mastery of landscapes is showcased in the Irish countryside to great effect, and the use of color is marvelous.

  10. “Aguirre: The Wrath of God,” which is directed by Werner Herzog, is one of the most beautiful movies ever made even though the visual style is somewhat strange. The story is about Spanish conquers exploring South America, and the imagery of the Amazon River is incredible. The movie always seems very realistic, but still manages to be awe-inspiring.