The list of the 10 most awesome movies include some of the best, mos kick-ass, rocking films ever made. Some movies are for chicks, some for kids and some for couples, while others are just plain awesome. Generally fueled by adrenaline and great heroes and villains, these movies are a good fall back for a boring evening any day of the year.

  1. “The Godfather” This film was so awesome that it influenced nearly every mob movie made after it was released. Marlon Brando plays Vito Corleone, the head of a crime family in a movie that received four Oscars, including one for Best Picture. It’s certainly one of the most awesome movies ever made.

  2. “Rambo: First Blood, Part 2” Though technically a sequel to the Sylvester Stallone movie “First Blood,” this film and the franchise stand on their own. Stallone plays a ripped and pissed off Vietnam vet who goes back to that country to single-handedly rescue POWs and kick some serious ass.

  3. “The Terminator” This is one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s landmark films and certainly one of the most awesome movies ever made. He plays a robot who has come back from the future with one purpose—to kill the mother of John Connor. He relentlessly pursues this goal in a movie filled with lots of explosions and action.

  4. “The Departed” This movie has a spectacular cast, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Mark Wahlberg, among others. One of the force’s best men is actually working with a local mobster and DiCaprio’s character must go deep under cover to sniff him out.

  5. Rocky IV” This may be the cheesiest movie of the “Rocky” franchise, but it's perhaps the most awesome. After seeing buddy Apollo Creed killed in an exhibition match by a vicious Russian, Rocky goes to Russia to train, overcome incredibly long odds to—spoiler alert—win.

  6. “Rebel Without a Cause” Mr. Cool himself, James Dean, starred in this film, one of the most awesome movies ever. The film was a commentary on American youth with Dean playing a troubled young man who moves into a new area and starts causing difficulties. He tragically died before it was released.

  7. “Red Dawn” An extremely violent movie, this film is about an invasion the United States suffers from Russia. A group of high schoolers in an overrun town hide in the wilderness using guerilla tactics to put up a resistance. Most awesome moment: drinking deer blood!

  8. “Face Off” Nicholas Cage and John Travolta star in this film where through a bizarre set of circumstances, their faces are switched. Cage’s character—the villain—now has the advantage of looking like Travolta’s character—the cop chasing him. This movie is action-packed and suspenseful.

  9. “Deep Throat” This landmark porn movie is one of the most awesome movies ever. Released before porn was stigmatized and still could get wide release in theaters, it created a stir among the movie going public. Graphic depictions of sex revolve around a silly plot, but the movie set the stage for things to come, (pun intended) in the world of pornographic movies.

  10. “There’s Something About Mary” This is the lone comedy on this list of the most awesome movies. The likeable Ben Stiller plays a guy trying to track his ol high school sweetheart, but he’s being foiled by a slimy nemesis, played perfectly by Matt Dillon. Carmen Diaz stars and unwittingly puts something… interesting in her hair.