If you want to see a good war movie that takes place during more contemporary times, check out these 10 modern war movies. The following movies are all set after World War II and contain plenty of action and military suspense.

  1. “Black Hawk Down” This modern war movie chronicles the 1993 Somalian mission to capture a group of drug lords. After two black hawk helicopters ar taken down, the operation turns into a rescue mission. The film stars a number of famous actors including Tom Sizemore, Ewan McGregor, Josh Hartnett, and Eric Bana.

  2. “Hurt Locker” This 2009 film captures the constant danger of the War in Iraq. The modern war movie follows a group of professional bomb detonators who soon find themselves taking extreme risks in the field. The movie won the Best Picture Academy Award in 2009.

  3. “Jarhead” This modern war movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal follows a group of soldiers during the Gulf War. A great deal of time is spent examining the soldier’s down time as well as the actua fighting. The movie shows the psychological effects of the war and how young soldiers attempt to cope.

  4. “Three Kings” George Clooney, Mark Walberg, and Ice Cube make up the cast to this modern war movie. The film is a mixture of drama, war and black humor as three soldiers seek gold in Kuwait.

  5. “In the Valley of Elah This modern war movie is based on a true story and tracks one father’s quest to discover the fate of his son, who was murdered shortly after he returned from the Iraq War. The movie shows viewers the brutality and turmoil that can occur when soldiers return home.

  6. “Charlie Wilson’s War” This modern war drama movie tells the true story of congressman Charlie Wilson, who helped Afghanis fight the Soviets in the 1980’s. Tom Hank plays the title character, while Julia Roberts co-stars as an influential friend and love interest.

  7. “Crimson Tide” In this modern war movie from 1995, Russians are threatening a nuclear war against the United States. Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman star as officers who must manage the threat on a nuclear missil submarine.

  8. “Brothers” This dramatic modern war movie explores the effect that fighting in Afghanistan has on a soldier who returns back to his family with remnants of the war still haunting him. Tobey Maguire plays the soldier, while Jake Gyllenhaal stars as his brother, and Natalie Portman plays his wife.

  9. “Tears of the Sun” In this 2003 film, a squad of Navy SEALs must rescue a doctor in Nigeria during the midst of battle. Bruce Willis and Monica Bellucci star in this modern war film.

  10. “Body of Lies” Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio star in this modern war movie about secret operations against terrorism. DiCaprio plays an agent on the search for a terrorist cell, but soon discovers that he can’t trust the operatives on the American side.