Ten mature hot movies to snuggle up with late at night don’t necessarily have to be hardcore porn flicks that you’re embarrassed to have in your house. Hollywood is filled with mature hot movies that are full of sexual thrills and definitely made for a mature audience.

  1. “Boogie Nights” Movies don’t get much more mature and hot than this. “Boogie Nights” is an erotic movie about the porn industry that follows a young man who’s getting caught up in it all and experiencing plenty of mature, hot situations.

  2. “Memoirs of a Geisha” Geishas are glorified escorts of men in Japanese culture. This mature hot film follows one particular geisha who rises among the ranks of her peers.

  3. “Chocolat” A romantic tale about a woman who sells the ultimate aphrodisiac, “Chocolat” is filled with playful sexual innuendo that’s sure to get you going. The small town it's set in might think the chocolate shop goes against morality, but you’ll just think it’s mature hot fun.

  4. “Kama Sutra, A Tale of Love” This movie is about two women who are literally trained in the art of the Kama Sutra. That plot point alone is sure to make for some mature hot scenes. Filled with sex, rivalries and love triangles, this is a mature movie for mature audiences.

  5. “The Lover” This mature hot movie is filled with erotica, forbidden love and very high stakes if the affair is discovered. The best mature hot scene in the movie is when the teen star and her older Chinese lover go at it with only a sheer shade between them and the street.

  6. “Last Tango in Paris” An American man and an exotic and very hot French woman have a mature sexy time in Paris. This lustful affair occurs after the suicide of the man’s wife, and the sex that ensues ends up on the brink of sadomasochism.  

  7. “Live Nude Girls” The perfect blend of mature hot sex and charming romantic tales, “Live Nude Girls” is sure to please male and female audiences alike. Basically, you’ll get an inside look at a female slumber party where no topic is off limits.

  8. “The Grasshopper” This is an older movie, but one of the best mature hot movies nonetheless. A young girl starts working as a Las Vegas showgirl after living a boring life with a boring husband and job. The sexual erotica that follow her in this mature hot movie will leave you breathless.

  9. “Body Heat” One of the most mature hot movies ever made, “Body Heat” can only be described as sensually erotic. Be prepared for hot mature scenes that occur in just about every place in a house, and in every position you can think of.

  10. “Like Water for Chocolate” This tale of forbidden love and sexual desire is comparable to the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet, only with more mature hot content. Originally a novel, this story is masterfully retold through a mature hot movie you’re not likely to forget.