No matter what your age, you will enjoy these 10 mature couple movies. Couples who have weathered the storms of a relationship or who are starting over a bit later in life can inspire you in many ways. Here are the best of films featuring mature couples. 

  1. "It's Complicated" is a hilarious movie by writer/director Nancy Meyers. It centers around a woman who's a mother of three grown-up children and a successful business owner, yet who seems to be rekindling a relationship with her ex.  Potential future loves get thwarted as things do, indeed, get complicated.

  2. "On Golden Pond" tells the remarkable story of Norman and Ethel. The couple who have fallen into predictable ways return to the summer house that they've had since close to the beginning of their long marriage. This summer is different, as their estranged daughter is returning, and what they learn and experience changes their lives.

  3. Almost everyone has seen "Titanic." Yes, the story centers around an epic love story set within the historical retelling of the tragic ship sinking of 1912. However, Rose, the now-old narrator of the film, explains how her love for Jack is still alive and burning after all those years in a way that is so affecting that you feel that the couple should still be together, as their love has endured so long. 

  4. "Don't Come Knocking" is a poetic film was talented Wim Wenders. It tells the story of Howard Spence, a once great hero and star of Western movies. His legacy of love still haunts him, as he remembers the romance that mattered. 

  5. "The Notebook" is an epic romance that's based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. It tells the story of a couple whose romance has lasted a lifetime; their love, though once denied, in unstoppable. Despite disease and other challenges, the movie shows what couples can achieve when love endures.

  6. While the two leads in "When Harry Met Sally" are young, there are interviews with older couples that run throughout the movie. They offer humorous and sometimes wise advice for young couples on the topics of love and romance. 

  7. "Grumpy Old Men" is a comedic story of a love triangle with a twist. Two former best buddies and current next door neighbors compete with one another for the love and attention of a new woman in their lives with hilarious results. 

  8. Steve Martin and Diane Keaton just have a spark in all their films together. While they are far from old, they are the parents of the bride in the unforgettable remake of "Father of the Bride." The simple ways that they convey their enduring love in this comedic love story set the tone for the romance that makes the movie so special. It's a winner from Nancy Meyers and Charles Shyer.

  9. Two older movie couples (Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, as well as Beah Richards and Roy Glenn) struggle in this thought-provoking movie from 1967. The couples come together for the engagement announcement from their children that will join them as a family in the film "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?". The problem is that the two lovebirds are of different races, and it causes concern for the parents who are worried about their children and grandchildren facing a racist world. 

  10. In "One True Thing," things are not always what they seem. A couple's enduring love is truly put to the test when the wife (played brilliantly by Meryl Streep) suffers from a terminal illness that challenges every member of her family.