Sit back, grab some popcorn, pop a cold one and get ready for one to six days' worth of entertainment with the 10 longest movies in history. Silent vignettes, Mongolian oil workers, imperceptible movement, and good old-fashioned nothingness, it’s all here and more.

  1. “Cinématon” – It is the longest film in history. How long? Oh, about 150 hours. What the fuck? And it took, well, over 30 years to make. It’s composed of countless three and a half minute silent vignettes. Is it any good? The Guardian newspaper reports that it gives one an “overwhelming sense of the utter pointlessness of human existence."

  2. “Matrjoschka” – This thoroughly entertaining German film runs a paltry 95 minutes…hold the phone. That’s 95 hours. Well, if you don’t have anything to do for the next four days, this entry into the canon of the ten longest movies in history will entertain you with images of a boy riding his bicycle by a house that move so slowly that the movement is imperceptible to the human eye.

  3. “The Cure for Insomnia” – Director John Henry Timmis IV must have a sense of humor. “The Cure for Insomnia,” one of the ten longest movies in history, runs just about 87 hours, or three days and fifteen hours, and consists of a poet reading his own 4000 page piece, interspersed with scenes of porn and rock and roll.

  4. “The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in the World” – Ironically, and despite it being two days long, “The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in the World” only lands itself at number three on our list of the ten longest movies in history. To its credit, this endless compilation of found footage, commercials, newsreel and stock footage was made in the 70’s and at the time, may well have lived up to its title.

  5. “****” – “****” or “Four Stars” is an experimental film churned out by Andy Warhol and his art pop minions that consists of countless reels of film strung together. At 25 hours long, it is one of the ten longest movies in history and contains graphic sex, shots of nothingness, a number of overexposed, white washed frames and blasts of very loud music.

  6. “24 Hour Psycho” - What is “24 Hour Psycho”? Well, it’s Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” slowed down to the point that the movie lasts exactl 24 hours naturally. And, it’s one of the ten longest movies in history.

  7. “Berlin Alexanderplatz” – Though “Berlin Alexanderplatz” is billed as a television show on account of its extreme length, it’s actually a film, and the longest narrative movie in history. The 15.5 hour piece follows the exploits of a man named Franz Biberkopf and the area of Berlin – Alexanderplatz – in which he lives.

  8. “Crude Oil” – The documentary “Crude Oil” is a film that will lift your spirits. The fourteen-hour documentary examines the lives of Mongolian oil workers and won special mention at the 2008 Rotterdam Film Festival for “its dispassionate expose of the hardship of human labour which is the basis of economic progress.”

  9. “Evolution of a Filipino Family” – Depending on which version of this film you see, it’s either ten or eleven hours long. Small potatoes compared to “Cinématon,” but still one of the longest movies in history. Filming took place over a period of eleven years, and the film is more or less exactly what you would assume as per the title.

  10. “Shoah” – If “Crude Oil” does provide you with enough joie de vivre, this nine and a half hour Holocaust documentary certainly will. The film avoids using a single frame of archive footage. Rather, filmmaker Claude Lanzmann protracts exacting details from myriad interview subjects including Nazi officers, survivors and witnesses.