Here are top 10 interracial couples in movies that stood out from the rest. Love is blind and when the matter of the heart is at play, the color of skin doesn’t matter. Here are some memorable actors portraying interracial couples in movies.

  1. Sidney Poitier and Katharine Houghton “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” The famous interracial couple movie of all time. A young woman brings home her fiance to meet her family. After hyping up his qualities to her family, they get the surprise of their life when he turns out to be black. What happens when her parents invite his parents over for a get-to-know-you dinner?  

  2. Lillo Brancato and Taral Hicks “A Bronx TaleAn interracial couple movie set in the 1960s about a New York Italian boy who falls in love with a black girl. While trying to live up to a local mobsters footsteps, Calogero is making his own when he falls for a girl from the wrong side of the neighborhood.  

  3. Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner “The Bodyguard” This interracial couple’s movie is about a rising singer that's been receiving mysterious threats and her bodyguard. As the threats and stalking rise, so do their love.  

  4. Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas “Save the Last Dance” When it comes to being in an interracial couple, you’ll want to learn new things. A country white girl moves to the city and falls for a popular black guy at her new school. She must overcome certain issues in order to fit in—dancing is one of them!  

  5. Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton “Monster Ball” A twisted tale of a racist prison guard who finds himself falling for a black woman. To make matters worse, she is the widow of an executed prisoner. What starts as an unlikely relationship turns into a devious affair.  

  6. Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington “Avatar” In this futuristic adventure a paralyzed solider goes undercover as one of the local natives. But what seems like a simple mission turns into a turf war. While living as a native he falls in love with one of them.  

  7. Aaliyah and Jet Li “Romeo Must Die” An ex-cop from China is tracking down leads for his brother's murderer. While investigating, Han accidentally gets acquainted with a mobster’s daughter. It turns out her father was in business with his brother. Now the hunt is on to capture the daughter leaving Han to protect the girl he’s fallen for.  

  8. Simon Baker and Sanaa Lathan “Something New” A headstrong business woman is set up on a blind date only to find out her date is white. Thinking she’d never see him again, she gets the shock of her life when he turns out to be her landscaper. Can she overcome her hangups and see him as an equal without focusing on stereotypes?  

  9. Michael Rapaport and N’Bushe Wright “Zebrahead” A love story about a teen interracial couple overcoming boundaries in the city of Detroit, Michigan. In a school divided by diversity, Zack falls for his best friend's cousin. Only problem is someone else has his eye on her. What’s the worse that can happen when a love triangle turns deadly?  

  10. Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey “The Wedding Planner” In this interracial couples movie, a single woman makes a career as a wedding planner. When a doctor is in need of a wedding planner, the only thing she can do is her job. But what happens when those who plan don’t plan on unexpected things?