Movies are so full of iconic  people that it is difficult to narrow it down to list these 10 iconic movie characters. There is only one female on the list, but it seems that the characters revolves around badguys and quirky characters who tend to be played by men.

  1. Harry Potter. Harry Potter is the most well known wizard of all time. People young and old know who Harry Potter is whether or not they have read the books or seen the movies.

  2. The Terminator. How much more iconic can you get than the Terminator. "I'll be back" is a term that is still used years later by many people.

  3. Carrie. The only female on the list, Carrie was the cute all american teenage girl who became psychotic when she was angry. Carrie is still watched today by many teens on Halloween.

  4. Hannibal Lechter. The most evil of all evil characters, Hannibal Lechter can still instill fear in many hearts. The character may be considered iconic because of the way that Anthony Hopkins portrayed him, but it worked.

  5. E.T. Even though this movie was made years ago, E.T. is the most recognized friendly alien there is. The movie also has one of the most iconic scenes ever made. The picture of E.T. and Elliot are flying away on the bike with the full moon in the background is extremely recognizable.

  6. Forrest Gump. "Run Forrest Run". This whole movie is very iconic along with the character Forrest Gump. A feel good movie and character about and underdog who always comes out on top.

  7. James Bond. This iconic movie character has survived longer than any other. He has also been portrayed by more actors than any other. The debate is who played the best James Bond. Sean Connery is probably the front runner.

  8. Rambo. Even though the movies don't make much sense, and are not realistic, the iconic character of Rambo will live forever. Even those who have not seen the movie can easily conjure up a picture in their mind Rambo.

  9. Darth Vader. You can't get much more iconic than Darth Vader. This character started the whole "Star Wars" phenomenon, with not only his character but his iconic breathing as well.

  10. "Michael Corleone." There can't be a list about iconic movie characters without including the Godfather. Played by Al Pacino in teh 70's, this character is still well known today.