There are lots of women who seem hot but keep their best assets hidden, whereas the 10 hottest topless beauties have put it all out there for the world to see. For many men, boobs are the sexiest part of a woman and women with big hearts are more than willing to bring a smile to the faces of men by letting them have a peak from time to time. These topless beauties are both big hearted and big busted.

  1. Hope Dworaczyk. She is a dark haired beauty who is without doubt one of the hottest topless beauties in the world. Anyone questioning her credentials should look no further than the award she received as a "Playboy" Playmate of the year. 

  2. Lucy Pinder. Absolutely enormous balloons for breasts that could probably keep balloon boys whole family buoyant for days. She is the sexiest topless star in England and is fast becoming a big name worldwide.  

  3. Dasha Astafieva. She might have a name that makes her sound like a 1950s KGB agent but she is one of "Playboy"'s finest models. She has a great pair and she is not afraid to air them in public. Long may it continue. 

  4. Tiffany FallonShe is a Southern Belle who just wants to show her boobs to everyone through the pages of "Playboy". She has breasts to be proud of and they qualify her for the list of the 10 hottest topless beauties. 

  5. Halle Berry. She qualifies for lots of lists: best actress, best nude actress and she is certainly one of the hottest topless beauties. Halle is a sheer delight with clothes on and absolute heaven when she is topless. 

  6. Katie Price. She is not getting any younger but try telling that to her boobs which seem to just keep getting bigger. A recent painful divorce lead to some wild nights and lots of new topless pictures in the tabloids. 

  7. Kate Winslet. The English actress must have a clothes allergy because she cannot seem to go more than five minutes without stripping off in every movie she appears in. No one is going to complain thought because she is one of the world's hottest topless beauties. 

  8. Keeley Hazell. Another up and coming topless model from Britain, Keeley is making a name for herself the world over as one of the hottest topless beauties. She has a smoking hot body and her boobs are just one of her many qualities. 

  9. Jayde Nicole. She is a young looking "Playboy" playmate but do not be deceived by that innocent look on her face. She looks stunning without her top off and she knows it. One of the perkiest young "Playboy" models. 

  10. Naomi Watts. She is not getting any younger but her boobs are not getting any less air time either. The Aussie movie star seems to get plenty of topless roles and it is just lucky that she happens to be one of the hottest topless beauties.