The 10 hottest topless Asians below are here for you when you feel down and need instant happiness. These delicious women provide an electrifying visual experience. Be sure to take notes and start a selective topless collection. Asia is a dreamy continent where all the babes are born as living angels

  1. Paloma Esmeria Paloma is a Pinay beauty that can melt Antarctic ice with a kiss. She doesn’t mind going topless for photoshoots when there’s an artistic purpose behind them. Hooray!

  2. Mocha Uson Let’s continue with the hottest women in the Philippines. Mocha is a clear example of a sexy girl who is fun, cute and smart. She goes topless when she dives into the water like a gracious dolphin.

  3. Patricia Javier This lady is so hot that looking at her topless can be harmful for a man's sanity. She handles the camera lens with the most comfort. For her, there’s nothing bad about showing her body's features.

  4. Ara Mina To finish up with the top Pinay goddesses, please invest some time looking for Ara’s topless pictures. Once you find a picture, the reward is worth it. Don’t forget to check out some music from her singing career, too.

  5. Nat Kesirin Once you’re in Thailand, try to find this erotic movie actress. She’s the kind of Asian that will make all your fantasies come true. Expect her to be delicious both topless and naked, of course.

  6. Yossavadee Hassadeevichit Yossavadee is another Thai goddess that can burn this list with her hotness. She began modeling at the very young age of twelve. Men were waiting for her to grow up. She is wild and sexy now, just as they were hoping.

  7. Zhang Ziyi Zhang is the real jade of China. You might remember her from movies “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Hero.” In the movie “2046,” she decides to take a nude step onto the stage. Yes boys, she goes beyond topless here.

  8. Gwen Garci If you’re looking for serious eye candy, check out Gwen’s striptease DVD. In it, you’ll find her well-sculptured body and many other surprises.

  9. Kaera Uehara In Japan, you can find many cute girls, but Kaera stands out as the hottest queen. She goes topless for adult films, so don’t expect her to be that gentle outside of her movies. Watch “The Forbidden Legend: Sex and Chopsticks” to be mesmerized.

  10. Reiko Ike Reiko is a veteran Japanese actress that totally deserves to be included on this list, as her topless appearances are a part of educational kinky history. Her pink films are regarded as hot national treasures among her devoted fans.