If you’re lacking heat and the furnace doesn’t work, you’ll want to watch these 10 hottest scenes in movies. What a good excuse to watch a film when there are high voltage scenes and cute babes having real fun. Choose the movie you like the most, prepare some popcorn and enjoy the journey. 

  1. “Hostel” This gory horror movie will make your head turn every minute. There is a delicious scene before the flesh festival where two friends are having casual sex with two gorgeous babes in the same room.

  2. “Sin City” This classic Frank Miller comic adaptation stars Jessica Alba, Brittany Murphy, Alexis Bledel and many other talented and beautiful actresses to deliver you hot scenes throughout the movie.

  3. “Match Point” If you secretly lust for Scarlett Johansson, this film will satisfy you with Johansson-filled electric hot scenes. Here you can find her acting as a wild character who finds sex in uncontrollable proportions.

  4. “American Pie” This movie must be included as a classic teen comedy. All the boys want to take their first step out of virginity and into a sex life and they all get what they want by the end of the story. Lovemaking scenes unfold as their wishes come true. You’ll not only find hot girls, but also many funny moments to enjoy.

  5. “Jennifer’s Body” There’s a hot scene in this movie that doesn’t need to include sex to melt hungry males. Megan Fox lies down in bed and a camera visits every part of her succulent body.

  6. “Quantum Of Solace” Daniel Craig must be one of the luckiest men in the world. It’s not even possible to pinpoint a specific scene as it would be an insult to his pride. Instead, expect to find many sizzling scenes on the screen to satisfy your needs.

  7. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith” If you combine extreme action, a good sense of humor and Angelina Jolie, the result is this instant blockbuster. It was Brad Pitt’s job to kill her with kisses, but the hot scenes here are all thanks to Jolie’s strong attitude.

  8. “The Fifth Element” At the end of this movie, there is a fantastic scene between Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich. It’s a clear example that sci-fi films can also come with sexy surprises.

  9. “The Runaways” The well-depicted kiss scene between Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart is regarded as controversial for featuring an underage actress involved in a mature lesbian act. Really, who cares? It was really hot.

  10. “Vanilla Sky”The American adaptation of this Spanish film was brilliant. There is a hot scene where Tom Cruise can’t distinguish between reality and fiction. To increase the feeling, he thinks he’s having sex with Penelope Cruz and then, like in a dream, Cameron Diaz instantly takes her place. It was creepy yet sexy.