The 80’s was an era of excess but the 10 hottest movies of the 90’s matches anything from the previous era for intensity. All the movies on this list enjoyed theatrical releases and provided many men fantasies that lived with them long after they left the cinema.

  1. “Boogie Nights” – This P.T. Anderson movie is about the porn industry and, thanks to an amazing nude scene with Heather Graham, is easily one of the hottest movies of the 90’s. The movie also features nudity by Julianne Moore who shares a pretty hot sex scene with Mark Wahlberg.

  2. “Out of Sight” – One scene in a trunk between George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez cements this into the countdown of the hottest movies of the 90’s. This Elmore Leonard adaptation was smart enough to put two of the sexiest people in the world and let them just walk around, acting as sexy as possible.

  3. “Eyes Wide Shut” – This isn’t one of Stanley Kubrick’s best movies but, thanks to uninhibited scenes with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, remains one of the hottest movies of the 90’s. The pair, married at the time, sizzle and heat up the scenes they appear in, some of which includes a bondage fetish.

  4. “Wild Things” – The movie is kind of silly and the plot line is a bit ridiculous but one scene makes this a most watch for anyone looking for the hottest movies of the 90’s. Neve Campbell and Denise Richards fall into a pool and soon begin to make out. This is one of the hottest scenes of the entire decade.

  5. “American Beauty”Kevin Spacey stars in this drama as a man in a loveless marriage, starting a midlife crisis. Things start to get out of control when he finds himself fantasizing about his daughter’ high school classmate, played by a very sexy Mena Suvari, nude and covered in rose petals.

  6. “Species” – This sci-fi horror movie features the very sexy Natasha Henstridge as an alien who begins to kill humans, while being hunted by the government agency who created her. She spends much of the movie naked and, in one scene, seduces a man in a swimming pool only to impale him with her tongue.

  7. “Barb Wire” – This is probably the worst movie on this list. However, anyone looking for the hottest movies of the 90’s will at least find some joy in watching “Playboy” playmate Pamela Anderson running around in a skin tight cat suit, with giant guns fighting crime.

  8. “Showgirls” – Thi Paul Verhoeven movie is often referred to in lists of the worst movies of all time. It is unfairly judged thanks to its infamous release where Verhoeven demanded an NC-17 rating and a theatrical release. The movie has some really hot scenes, including one amazing scene with Elizabeth Berkley and Gina Gershon in the strip club.

  9. “Striptease” – In the second stripper movie in a row, this may not have the explicit scenes that “Showgirls” featured but remains one of the hottest movies of the 90’s anyway. Demi Moore bares all in this movie as a mother who is fighting for her child while getting involved with a crooked politician as well.

  10. “Indecent Proposal” – Director Adrian Lyne is known for his risqué movies and this, one of the hottest movies of the 90’s, is one of them. Robert Redford stars as a millionaire who offers a couple $1 million to spend a night with the wife. The movie is not short of sexy, steamy scenes.