There are many scenes in movies that could be called hot but the 10 hottest movie scenes have an extra bit of sparkle that makes them unforgettable. The hottest movie scenes usually feature plenty of boob shots and a good deal of sex. Narrowing down the hundreds of movies that feature hot scenes to the ten best is not an easy process but having reviewed the contenders, here are the ten hottest movie scenes.

  1. "Eyes Wide Shut," 1999. The co-stars were having some relationship troubles off screen and many of the sex scenes in this movie were below average. The orgy at the masked party though had countless topless women and more sex than rabbit farm in the spring. Simply put it ranks as the hottest movie scene ever.

  2. "Desperado," 1995. Selma Hayek has hooters that deserve a place in the all time boobs hall of fame. In this movie she uses them to great effect in the scene where Antonio Banderas comes to play. Two hot Latinos equals one hot movie.

  3. "Striptease," 1996. Life is hard for single mom Demi Moore in this film but forget the boring plot and enjoy the nude scene. Demi delights her onscreen customers and the viewers by performing a lengthy striptease that remains one of the 10 hottest movie scenes of all time.

  4. "Monster's Ball," 2005. Forget about the fact that the movie is a dreary flick that portrays the South as a backward place with no appeal, and just enjoy Halle Berry. In this film she is totally naked and has a very graphic and long lasting sex scene. It ranks as one of the hottest movie scenes ever. 

  5. "Wild Things," 1998. This movie has a scene that counts as one of the hottest movie scenes just on the basis of Denise Richards nudity. Throw a couple of other naked folks into the equation and suddenly a hot scene becomes smoking hot as the trio enjoy a threesome.

  6. "Basic Instinct," 1992. This movie has one of the hottest movie scenes and it involves neither boobs nor sex. It just involves a women in the police interrogation room crossing her legs. It is hot because she is wearing no underwear.

  7. "Fatal Attraction," 1987. Glenn Close goes postal, slashes her wrists and even boils the family pet in this scary horror flick but she also looks pretty good naked. The best scene involves her and her lover Michael Douglas enjoying a nice romp without a care in the world.

  8.  "American Pie II: Band Camp," 2005. This zany comedy features plenty of sexual innuendo and more nudity that a French naturist film. The scene that earns a spot in the ten hottest movie scenes involves a lot of big breasted camp members in the shower. 

  9. "History of Violence," 2005. As the title suggests, this film features plenty of violence as Viggo Mortensen does his best to kill off half of the Russian mafia. The sex scene that starts with him being slapped and ends in a pool of sweat ranks as the movies hottest moment.

  10. "Swordfish," 2001. A scene involving a woman reading a book who is interrupted and puts the book down doesn't sound all that sexy. If you add the name Halle Berry to the woman and add the crucial detail that she is topless then suddenly you have one of the hottest movie scenes on your hands.