You want 10 hot topless actresses. You're looking for women with class and talent. Women with the glamour and mystery and old Hollywood charm. Women who are proud of their physical assets and don't balk at displaying them. Well, here are ten of the hottest actresses who have appeared topless. 

  1. Kate Winslet – Winslet does two things in each of her films: turns in one of the great performances of the year and gets naked. Winslet’s hotness is outmatched only by her skill and intelligence, making her one of best hot topless actresses. You can witness the miracle that is her breasts in countless films, including “Titanic” and “Quills.”

  2. Ludivine Sagnier –  Leave it up to the French to give us a hot topless actress who combines the moribund and sexual as if they were the same. Sagnier creates disturbed characters imbued with a smoldering, near insatiable sexuality in films like “Swimming Pool” and “Mersine.” In both films her chest makes an appearance. 

  3. Penelope Cruz – Spanish star Penelope Cruz is very hot, and has been very topless a number of occasions. Cruz’s all natural twins have seen the light of day in a number of fine films, including “Abre Los Ojos” and “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.”

  4. Sasha Grey – Grey’s acting experience in the world of narrative film is relatively limited. However, beyond her somber performance in “The Girlfriend Experience,” Grey can be seen gagging on gargantuan girth and taking towering torpedoes in such exceptional films as “Butt Sex Bonanza,” “Gang Bang My Face,” and “The Best of Blackzilla.”  

  5. Charlize Theron – This South African Oscar winner is one of best hot topless actresses. Known for her stately beauty and charismatic elegance, Theron also has a luscious pair of funbags. If you’re looking for proof of this assertion, try her sultry escapades in “Reindeer Games” or the disturbing satanic sexuality of “Devil’s Advocate.”

  6. Amy Smart – Smart’s chesticles made their debut in “Road Trip.” Like Heather Graham, Smart is talented enough to make most viewers believe she’s a genuine airhead, not a woman with serious comedic chops. If you’re looking for this hot actress topless, also check out the “Crank” films, which features ridiculous sex, obscene violence, and exploding breast implants.

  7. Naturi Naughton – Naughton has the kind of body men want to lay into like a hot knife through butter: big tits, small waist, large hips, and a bangin’ ass. If you haven’t seen “Notorious” yet, for the love of god do. The story of Biggie’s rise to super stardom is rife with hackneyed gestures, but Naughton, one of ten hot topless actresses, shows enough of herself to keep you coming back for more.

  8. Heather Graham – If you didn’t get enough of Graham in “The Hangover,” have no fear. This hot actress is topless in a number of films. Catch her gleefully buoyant breasts on film in “Killing Me Softly,” and “Boogie Nights.”

  9. Sienna Miller – Young Brit Sienna Miller shot to tabloid stardom when she stole Jude Law from his longtime wife. Miller found herself the subject of headlines not long after, when Law cheated on her with their nanny. Of course, all of that is neither here nor there: you’re looking for info about this hot  topless actress. Check out “Factory Girl” for choice scenes of Miller’s titties.

  10. Kelly Brook – Another British star, Brook appeared topless in the summer of 2010 in Playboy and amidst a school of carnivorous fish in the brilliantly demented waters of “Piranha 3D.” This sex bomb is equipped with prime assets and a come hither sexuality that’ll make you swoon.