The 10 hot TV actresses of 2010 are a collection of hot up-and-coming women who will be gracing the TV screen for a long time, we can hope. From comedies to dramas, every show needs some sex appeal to help keep the audiences tuning in. These gals not only light up the screen with their smiles and bodies, but also bring real acting chops to make their shows better.

  1. Sofía Vergara. Perhaps the hottest of the hot TV actresses in 2010, Vergara is on the highly acclaimed “Modern Family,” playing Ed O’Neil’s unlikely trophy wife. A model and actress from Columbia, Vergara is absolutely scorching, from top to bottom.

  2. Katrina Bowden. This slim blonde, one of the hot TV actresses on the tube right now, plays the ditsy receptionist on NBC’s “30 Rock.” At 22 as of December 2010, guys can look forward to seeing this slinky, sexy thing for many years.

  3. Dianna Agron. A darling little blonde who stars as Quinn on the insanely popular “Glee,” Agron is one of the top hot actresses working today. She had a number of bit parts during her teen years, but it wasn’t until this song-and-dance show did she rocket to stardom.

  4. Gillian Jacobs. Not only just a hottie, Jacobs studied acting at prestigious Julliard. She stars on “Community,” where her sassy talking character is the subtly sexy one of the core group of protagonists. She has had a number of roles in movies and on stage.

  5. Grace Park. This insanely sexy Korean-American actress stars on the popular “Hawaii Five-O,” where she is often seen in a very tiny bikini. No stranger to TV, she’s been in many roles, but this job has vaulted her to the top of the list of the hot TV actresses in 2010.

  6. Yvonne Strahovski. This Aussie babe stars in the silly spy show “Chuck,” and can often be seen duking it out, sometimes even against other chicks. A slim but curvaceous figure compliments her beautiful face.

  7. Ellen Pompeo. Pompeo, one of the hot TV actresses today and the only one on this list over 40, has been acting for over a decade, but finally made her name as Meredith Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy.” She has been nominated for a variety of awards for her role in the show.

  8. A.J. Cook. This Canadian actress stars on “Criminal Minds” and is one of the hot TV actresses in 2010. She has appeared in many major motion pictures and got her start in the entertainment world as a dancer. Even after having a child Cook’s body is to die for.

  9. Julie Benz. Benz, a star of “Dexter,” and “No Ordinary Family,” just oozes sex, even at the age of 38. As a youngster she was an internationally competitive ice skater. As an adult, she makes men hot and bothered.

  10. Kaley Cuoco. Cuoco brings sex appeal to the nerd-fest “The Big Bang Theory.” A trim and curvy blonde with pretty locks, sweet face, and pleasant disposition, Cuoco is certainly the only reason to wash this sausage-fest of a show.