If you feel like seeing a sizzling adult film, check out these 10 hot mature movies. These films contain erotic thrillers and smoldering love stories. The characters vary from cheating spouses to young, crazy lovers. All the movies feature unforgettable sex scenes throughout.

  1. “Fatal Attraction” This hot mature movie delivers an important message against infidelity. After a steamy affair with Glenn Close’s character, a husband played by Michael Douglas finds out that she is off-the-wall insane. There are some rough, hot sex scenes in the beginning of the film.

  2. “9 ½ Weeks” Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke play two sexual partners in this hot mature movie. The couple randomly meet each other and engages in a long affair during which they learn nothing about their real lives outside the bedroom. 

  3. “The Dreamers” Michael Pitt and the beautiful Eva Green star in this very hot and very mature movie about an American student who finds himself exploring sexual taboos with a brother and sister. The movie contains many different sex scenes and full nudity.

  4. “Body Heat” Kathleen Turner once sizzled in this sexy 1980s thriller. She plays a married woman too irresistible for one lawyer to ignore. Soon, however, he finds himself part of a deadly murder plot in this hot mature movie.

  5. “Wild Things” This movie about sex, lies and murder is bad in all the right ways. Kevin Bacon stars as a cop investigating a three-way relationship between a school teacher and two students that might involve murder. Matt Dillon plays the teacher while Denise Richards and Neve Campbell sizzle as bad schoolgirls in this hot mature movie.

  6. “Secretary” Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a young secretary with a penchant for sadomasochism in a hot mature movie. James Spader stars as her boss, who finds himself falling for her despite their bizarre sexual antics at the office.

  7. “Unfaithful” Diane Lane sizzles as an older woman who begins an affair with a younger Frenchman. The sultry sex scenes in various places make this a hot mature movie. The film soon turns into a thriller, though, when Lane’s husband starts to suspect the relationship.

  8. “Eyes Wide Shut” This hot mature movie features Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as an on-screen and off-screen married couple. When they find themselves falling into a rut and considering an affair, Cruise’s character embarks on a personal quest that leads him to underground orgies and strange sexual rituals around New York City.

  9. “Cruel Intentions” This film from the 1990s was about as hot and mature as teen movies got. It starred a very young Reese Witherspoon as an innocent virgin who Ryan Phillippe’s character attempts to seduce at the request of a bad girl played by Sarah Michelle Gellar High school was never as hot as this.

  10. “Original Sin” Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas heat up the screen in this erotic period piece. Jolie plays a mail-order bride who turns out to be a little more than what Banderas’ character bargained for. Their many love scenes make this one hot, mature movie.