Below is a list of 10 horror movie classics. What makes a horror movie a classic is left up to interpretation. Sure the so called “experts” develop their lists but really, horror movie classics are a matter of opinion with a little history involved (sales etc.). See which of these makes your list and which horror movies are missing.

  1. “The Exorcist”. This classic 1973 horror movie has to be one of the scariest and sickly movies ever made. This is a cult classic that put Linda Blair on the horror map forever.

  2. “The Night of the Living Dead”. George Romero’s 1968 introduction to zombies to the classic horror film genre. This movie was the catapult for those undead brain eaters, what a great ride and kick off to a awesome sub-genre.

  3. “Rosemary’s Baby”. A 1968 is a classic horror fest in demon paranoia. A great film for its time and still can send chills up one’s spine.

  4. “Ju-On”. Originally introduced in 2000, what is now known as "The Grudge" is a horror masterpiece. This film introduced one of the creepiest characters in horror lore.

  5. “Hellraiser”. Was a 1987 genre changer with one of the most endearing monsters of the decade, Pinhead. This classic horror film was serious business back in the day.

  6. “Ringu”. Is a Japanese horror classic from 1998, which also was a genre mover. This movie provided a great ride and several international remakes.

  7. “Peeping Tom”. Is a classic 1960’s horror film that raised such a ruckus it almost ended the director’s career. Oddly enough, this film is considered a classical masterpiece of British horror.

  8. “Vampyr”. Has classic horror film written all over it. This sickly portrayal of the vampire genre uncovered all the way back in 1932 is still a creepy and awe-inspiring film.

  9. “Carrie”. Is perhaps Stephen’s King only horror movie worth mentioning. The classic horror scene of Sissy Spacek covered in pig’s blood is a staple in the world of horror.

  10. “Paranormal Activity”. Yes, it made the list. This movie has altered the way we will enjoy many a horror movie in the future. It has become an instant classic and shows no signs of losing its grip.

Sure, all those monsters and creepy crawlies did not make this list. Don’t fret however, they are on their own list because they own a category all to themselves.