The 10 highest rated movies 2010 is a list that includes something for nearly everyone. Whether you like animated movies, like "Tangled", or creepy and scary ones, such as "Shutter Island", you're almost sure to be pleased with this crop.

  1. “Shutter Island”  We all knew Martin Scorsese could make gangster movies. But who would have guessed he could also make scary movies about insane people? Well, this great film is living proof that he did just exactly that with, perhaps, the highest rated movie of 2010.

  2. “Red” Mixing action and comedy isn't as easy as it looks. But this surprisingly pleasant 2010 movie accomplished that difficult task. It fully deserves its high rating.

  3. “Another Year”  Mike Leigh directs a rotating cast of actors that know how to bring his uniquely British stories to life. This 2010 movie is one of his more subtle offerings, yet no less highly rated than any of his other wonderful movies.

  4. “Tangled”  Fairy tales, when told with great voices and animation, become relevant to modern ears and eyes. That's what happened with this delightfully highly rated 2010 film.

  5. “Despicable Me”  It's not often a "kid's film" also appeals to adults and teens. But this animated film is universal in its appeal, which accounts for how highly rated it is among audiences and critics.

  6.  “127 Hours”  If you're looking for nail-biting suspense, look no further than this highest rated 2010 gem. Chances are good it will keep nervous mountain climbers away from the rocks for a while.

  7. “The King's Speech”  People love the royal family. But this film, which is among the highest rated movies of 2010, is simply a great film. It just happens to look in on the royal family during a pivotal moment in world history.

  8. “True Grit"  It takes a lot of guts to remake a John Wayne movie. Yet The Coen Brothers can seemingly do no wrong. Some believe this highest rated movie is even better than the original.

  9. “The Social Network” You may have heard about this highest rated movie on Facebook. Well, many people get a lot of their news from Facebook, which is what this fairly true story is all about.

  10. “Toy Story 3”  We've grown to love characters like Woody and Buzz, as though they were members of the family. This third film in the animated series may be the best, and could end up one of the highest rated movies off all time -- not just 2010.