The 10 highest rated Christmas movies of all time includes both funny films and heartwarming movies. Hollywood seems to throw a lot of Christmas movies at the tree, just to see which ones will stick. Some do, some don't. Others—like these—are wonderfully memorable.

  1. “Bad Santa” -- Billy Bob Thornton plays the anti-Santa in this highly rated Christmas movie. He smokes. He drinks. And if you look closely, he even has a heart.

  2. “The Santa Clause”  -- Wouldn't it be crazy to become Santa Claus over night? This highly rated and highly funny comedy brings out all the zaniness in the Santa story. It's a fine modern Christmas tale.

  3. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” -- Tim Burton, who directed this animated film, is really more of a Halloween guy. That's why this highly rated Christmas movie is a little bit of each holiday. Danny Elfman, who is better known for his movie scores, has the starring voice role in this film.

  4. Holiday Inn” -- Many people often associate Bing Crosby with Christmas. It's probably due to this film. This one stars Crosby and Fred Astaire, and introduced the Irving Berlin song "White Christmas" to the world.

  5. “A Christmas Carol” -- This version of the Dickens tale starred Alastair Sim as Scrooge. It's a familiar story, but it never loses its power to put the meaning of Christmas into proper perspective. It's not only a highly rated Christmas story, but also an esteemed classic literary piece.

  6. “Elf” -- Jon Favreau directed the oxy-moronic story of Will Ferrell's Elf. Ferrell, you see, is a tall guy, that tries his best to live the short person life. This is a highly rated Christmas movie, and great for the whole family.

  7. “It's a Wonderful Life”  -- Jimmy Stewart has the same life-changing event every Christmas eve in most households. And yet, this highly rated Christmas film never fails to move movie watchers emotionally. It's as good today as it was when it was first released.

  8. “A Christmas Story”  -- All a kid wants is a kid's gun. He does everything he can to get one for Christmas. But it seems as though the world is conspiring against him. This highly rated Christmas movie is a must-see for every Christmas movie fan.

  9. “Miracle on 34th Street” -- In 1947, when this highly rated Christmas film first came out, most children probably believed in Santa Claus. But even if you don't believe in Old Saint Nick, this story about the real department store Santa will warm your heart.

  10. “White Christmas” -- This 1954 Christmas movie starred Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. It has lots of great Christmas songs, too. Yes, the song "White Christmas" is one of them.