The 10 greatest movie couples are all those movie couples that you wish you and your lover could emulate. They are super-human demi-gods whose existence is merely to remind you of how not up to par you are! These movie couples are so gracious that they allow you to bask in their glory, if only for a few minutes when they're on screen together.

  1. Johnny Castle and Frances Houseman. The best greatest movie couple has got to be Johnny Castle and Frances Houseman, portrayed by the late Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. In "Dirty Dancing," the hot dance moves of this great movie couple set the standard for movies after it regarding romantic chemistry.

  2. Christian and Satine. Rewind to 2001 and the movie called "Moulin Rouge," which starred Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. Among all that "Lady Marmalade" shebang was also the epitome of the tag line of this film. Christian and Satine embodied the movie's theme that the greatest thing one can learn is to be loved and to love in return.

  3. Oliver Barrett IV and Jennifer Cavalerri. This couple from "Love Story" (played by Robert Redford and Ali MacGraw) snatch the third spot because it's a classic in romantic melodrama. This movie typifies all the expectations in a romantic drama: the courtship and marriage that is then followed by a tragedy to get the waterworks going.

  4. Tristan Ludlow and Susannah Fincannon. This great movie couple, played by Brad Pitt and Julia Ormond, sort of took a cue from Romeo and Juliet in that they are starstruck lovers. However, audiences can enjoy themselves on the awesome cinematography going on around them, which mirrors the beauty of their love.

  5. Harold and Maude. Harold and Maude were played by Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon in "Harold and Maude." They take the fifth-spot because of their unusual coupling: He's a suicidal young man while she is an elderly gal nearing the end of her life!

  6. Jack and Rose. 1997's "Titanic" provided some moments for Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet's movie couple to ingrain themselves on audiences' minds, particularly if you were a silly teen girl. The highlight of their coupling is that they are from different classes in society.

  7. Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. Played by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, this movie couple was also a real-life couple of criminal infamy! In the 1967 movie depiction of their lives, the two of them get attracted to each other, rob banks with each other and eventually die with each other in a police ambush. Ahhhh, true love....sigh.

  8. Rocky and Adrian Balboa. Yo...Adrian! I...did it! Damn right, Rocky Balboa! Rocky and Adrian make it onto the eighth spot because their coupling survives a lot of tribulations. Punches, jabs, uppercuts and body shots, you name it, but their love survives through it all in 1976's "Rocky."

  9. Felix and Oscar. 1968's "The Odd Couple" paired a couple of dudes up as a movie couple. Starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau as the title odd couple, this movie showed the galaxy what roommates who were also best friends forever could be together.

  10. Sam Baldwin and Annie Reed. 1993's "Sleepless in Seattle" presents the couple played by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. This movie is sweet because of how meaningful it is: It demonstrates the feasible plot of two people caring about each other even though they've never met face to face.