If you’re feeling down, these 10 greatest comedy movies may be just what you need. Packed with quotable dialogue and unforgettable jokes, it’s nearly impossible to watch these comedy movies without a smile on your face. 

  1. “Animal House” Unquestionably the greatest movie ever made about college, this 1978 film immediately wrote itself into the annals of comedy history. John Belushi is the highlight of this drunken, carousing romp throughout college life in the ‘60s.

  2. “Vacation” If you’re a family man, you’ll appreciate this 1983 comedy movie. Chevy Chase stars in the hilarious tale of a bumbling dad who’s just trying to spend some quality vacation time with his wife and kids, but becomes a victim of Murphy’s Law.

  3. “Kingpin” Woody Harrelson and a pre-creepy Randy Quaid team up in this offbeat 1996 buddy comedy. The movie’s plot revolves around a cross-country trip to a bowling tournament. Bill Murray also gives a riotous performance as an aging bowling pro.

  4. “Clerks” This 1994 film stands alone as the only one of the ten greatest comedy movies to be filmed in black and white. Set in a convenience store, it’s a documentation of one crazy day on the job for a pair of young slackers. Kevin Smith will never top this one.

  5. “The Jerk” Admit it: Steve Martin is really freaking funny. If you need proof, check out this 1979 comedy movie. It’s a screwball tale of a lovable simpleton who becomes a millionaire inventor, and the crazy situations he gets into along the way.

  6. “This Is Spinal Tap” This comedy movie is classified as a “mockumentary,” which is conceited film-jerk-speak for “awesome.” Released in 1984, this movie lampooned the excesses of rock stars, documenting the exploits of an air-headed band.

  7. “Blazing Saddles” This wouldn’t be a proper list of ten greatest comedy movies without an entry from Mel Brooks The master of satire’s send-up of westerns hit theaters in 1974, featuring Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder as law enforcement in a town full of idiots.

  8. “There’s Something About Mary” As far as great comedy movies go, this 1998 film ranks pretty high on the cuteness scale as well. The Farrell brothers cast Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz in this brilliant romantic comedy about a guy trying to get the girl of his dreams.

  9. “Airplane!” As classic as comedy movies can get, this 1980 disaster flick satire injected new life into the slapstick genre. The late, great Leslie Nielsen stars alongside an ensemble cast in this hilarious tale of an airplane headed for disaster.

  10. “The Hangover” The most recent of the ten greatest comedy movies, this film entered theaters in 2009 and immediately became a huge success. Featuring Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms in the story of a Las Vegas bachelor party gone horribly wrong, it became an instant classic among comedy movie fans.