Looking for 10 great stoner movies? There are so many great stoner movies. Some are hilarious. Others are downright trippy. Whatever you're looking for, these great stoner movies will satiate your appetite. 

  1. "Super High Me" - Doug Benson abstains from marijuana for a month and binges another month in this "Supersize Me" inspired documentary. Here's a spoiler for you. At the end of the binge, Doug's doctor concluded that his smoking frenzy had no ill effects on his health. 

  2. "Reefer Madness" - This 1936 propaganda film is perhaps the most popular stoner movie of all time. It eventually became a musical long after it was recovered from the film archive of the Library of Congress. Reefer Madness is a tale of youths who become deranged criminals after smoking the demon weed. 

  3. "Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke" - Two stoners ride into California from Tijuana in a van made of weed. A drug enforcement detective is hot on their trail in this classic comedy stoner movie. 

  4. "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" - "Gonzo journalist" Hunter S. Thompson wrote this wild tale of sports writer Raoul Duke, who drives through Southern California with his lawyer and a suitcase full of drugs to cover a motorcycle race. Then the drugs start kicking in. Fear and loathing is full of suspenseful adventures and hallucinogenic fun.

  5. "Fantasia" - The visual appeal of this classic Disney stoner movie is sure to keep you stimulated. Enjoy the dancing broomsticks, clumsy sorcerers and general weirdness set to classical music. Just don't drool on yourself. 

  6. "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory" - You want disturbing? You got it. Gene Wilder plays chocolate factory owner Willie Wonka in this tale of a boy who wins a free tour of the most psychedelic chocolate factory of all time. Stoner movies don't get much greater than this. 

  7. "Friday" - Two stoners kick it in South Central Los Angeles. One of them owes money to a drug dealer. The character development in this classic comedy is impeccable. Just the characters alone make this a great stoner movie. 

  8. "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut" - Canadian movie stars Terrence and Phillip corrupt the minds of the South Park gang and other little kids with fart jokes. A group of angry American moms unite against Canada. This leads to a war between Uncle Sam and the Canadian "bobbleheads". 

  9. "The Dark Side of Oz" - This actually is not a stoner movie, or even a movie at all. The Dark Side of Oz is what happens when you turn the volume off of The Wizard of Oz and dub over a loop of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album at the same time. Apparently, the audio and video sync up in a very freaky way. Search for "The Dark Side of Oz" in your favorite search engine to learn how to do this. 

  10. "Evil Bong" - A marvelous tale of a bong named Eebee that grants your wildest fantasies. The bong is cursed, however. Everyone who smokes through it is transported into an alternate universe with sexy and murderous exotic dancers. This film definitely makes the cut of the top ten great stoner movies of all time.