Great quotes are lines that we just can’t get out of our head, so let’s have a tribute to 10 great quotes from movies. These lines are timeless and unforgettable and perfectly summarize the movies that they come from as well as entire generations of moviegoers.

  1. "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse" Don Vito assures his business partners in “The Godfather” that the deal will go through as promised. As for the un-refusable offer, a horses head in the bed got the job done. This is one of the most quotable lines of all time, and like most of Marlon Brando's dialogue, it's expertly delivered.

  2. “I coulda been a contender” Ex-prize fighter Terry Malloy recounts what could have been to his brother in this movie quote from “On the Waterfront.” Marlon Brando expertly delivers this line and pulls the audience in with him.

  3. "Go ahead, make my day" With a .44 magnum, Dirty Harry doesn’t let anything get in his way as he dares the baddies in “Sudden Impact” with this movie quote. This line perfectly exemplifies not only the character in the movie, but Clint Eastwood's perceived persona in general as well.

  4. "May the Force be with you" This great movie quote defined a generation of sci-fi fans and is a stable of all six “Star Wars” films. All kinds of nerdom from all walks of live have recited this line for decades as their personal creed.

  5. "You talkin' to me?" As Travis Bickle slides closer and closer to insanity, he delivers this intense soliloquy in front of a mirror in “Taxi Driver.” As he aimlessly wields a gun around the room, we get the sense that this man is on the verge of doing something drastic and nothing can stop him.

  6. "We all go a little mad sometimes" Another nut job, Norman Bates says this great movie quote with a chilling gaze in “Psycho.” His eyes, for only a moment, delve completely insane with the devilish look of the killer inside him, only to be submerged by the sweet and pleasant Norman.

  7. "Bond, James Bond" Perhaps the most quoted line on this list, just about everyone has substituted James Bond name for their own at point or another, a testament to the power of this movie quote. Nothing is sexier than seeing Bond introduce himself only to be followed up by an inventive kill while sipping a martini.

  8. "I'll be back!" With his Austrian accent, Arnold Schwarzenegger provides this movie quote as the unstoppable robot killer in ‘The Terminator.” The line was unsuccessfully used in later Terminator movies—worst of all in "Terminator: Salvation"—but its power has nonetheless stuck around to today.

  9. "You're gonna need a bigger boat" As a 25 foot shark circles the now puny Orca in “Jaws”, Chief Brody provides this great movie quote. In the middle of the ocean with a giant shark and a seemingly tiny boat, the three sailors going up against the man-eater surely have the odds stacked against them.

  10. "Say 'hello' to my little friend!" “Scarface” is full of great movie quotes, but none is as well known as this line given by Tony Montana at the films climax. The "little friend" in question is an AR-15 assault rifle with attached M203 grenade launcher. Be sure to say it with a fake Cuban accent for maximum affect.