When it comes to picking the best movies of 2009, the choices are endless. This year 2009 brought us movies from all sorts of genres and niches, making it more difficult than ever to pick the all-time best movies. Here are some favorites and the most popular movies that hit the screens in 2009.

  1. “Sherlock Holmes” with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law is fascinatingly entertaining. Downey does wonders in making the iconic character of Sherlock Holmes come to life with comedy, timing, wit and boxing skills. The duo discovered a plot to overthrow all of England is this high action, witty film that has both great costumes and lines, making it one of the best movies of 2009.

  2. “Julie and Julia” stars Meryl Streep as Julia Child, with a touch of Amy Adams and Stanley Tucci. For being a film that could be said to be about cooking and food, this is a very entertaining and enlightening movie about women who are driven by passion and human relationships. Julie takes a challenge to cook all of Julia Child's recipes while at the same time viewers get glimpses of Julia Child's life.

  3. “The Road,” based off Cormac Mccarthy's Pulitzer Prize-winning book, stars Viggo Mortenson and Kodi Smit-McPhee. This film is ranked as one of the best movies of 2009 because it is visceral on both an aesthetic level and an emotional level. Father and son (played by Mortenson and McPhee) are abandoned by wife and mother and left in a post-apocalyptic world where cannibals and criminals threaten around every corner.

  4. “Food, Inc.” is an expose that will have viewers thinking about the way they eat. One of the least traditional films in this list of the best movies of 2009, it's safe to say it may be the most important one to see. The documentary shows the inside of the meat industry, who runs it and raises the question of if government may be responsible for the growing obesity and cancer epidemic.

  5. “Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince” is neither a surprise nor a disappointment in showing up on the best movies of 2009 list. Harry is back at his sixth year in Hogwarts where he discovers a book belonging to the Half-Blood Prince and begins to learn more about Voldermort and his past. 

  6. “The Hangover” A list of the best movies of 2009 wouldn't be complete without this comedy. This film is centered around a bachelor party in Vegas where the groomsmen loose the groom in a drunken evening and must try to find him and get back in time to get him hitched.

  7. “Precious” A remarkable and sad tale of a young women in Harlem who was pregnant twice before leavin high school. "Precious" tells of the abusive relationships around the protagonist and those who strive to help her.

  8. “Star Trek” One of the best movies of 2009 simply because no one expected so many "non-trekies" to get turned into fans. This movie is a journey into the early days of Kirk and how he and the crew get on the USS Enterprise.

  9. “Avatar” by James Cameron has been in every best movies of 2009 list. A marine without any use of his limbs has a mission on another planet where he gets caught between orders and new friends.

  10. “Public Enemies” While it may be a bit of a surprise to see this movie on this list, it's not! The feds attack the big guns of the 1930s crime wave with Dillenger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd.