The list of 10 great movies of 2007 includes many films that were panned by critics. While critics should have a say in which movies qualify as “great,” the primary purpose of any great movie should be to entertain. Thus, the films that provide maximum entertainment and enjoyment should receive the most consideration when selecting the best movies in any given year. 

  1. “No Country for Old Men.” This crime thriller won multiple Academy Awards, including the Best Picture Oscar. The near universal critical acclaim that this movie received and its good box office numbers make it one of the great movies of 2007.

  2. “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.” This film is, of course, part of a franchise that stars Johnny Depp as a pirate. The 2007 edition does not disappoint and did monster business in theaters.

  3. “There Will Be Blood.” This movie tells the story of a greedy, double dealing oil baron at the turn of the twentieth century. The large number of plot twists and an intense performance by Daniel Day-Lewis make this film one of the great movies of 2007.

  4. “The Bourne Ultimatum.” This movie, also part of a successful film franchise, is about a CIA assassin. The 2007 edition features action, adventure, intrigue, and suspense. Moviegoers were pleased, and this great movie raked in the cash.

  5. “Spider-Man 3.” This film has no social message, and it doesn't examine a controversial issue in great detail. It's about pure entertainment, and audiences loved it.

  6. “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” This is another film franchise edition that performed well enough to qualify as one of the great movies of 2007.

  7. “Juno.” This comedy about a teenager's unplanned pregnancy was the surprise hit of 2007. If you think that you could never be a successful screenwriter, keep in mind that this great movie was written by a blogger and former stripper.

  8. “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.” Documentary films don't usually make lists of great movies, but this movie about a Donkey Kong player trying to get the highest score in history has rightfully been called a masterpiece.

  9. “Gone Baby, Gone.” Two private detectives investigate the disappearance of a four-year-old girl when police don't make any progress in the case. This crime thriller was a hit with both critics and audiences, which makes it one of the great movies of 2007.

  10. “Transformers.” Two alien factions of robots are at war and they bring their battle to Earth. Audiences loved this movie, and box office receipts were enormous. Critics hated it, but any movie with Megan Fox deserves consideration as one of the great movies of 2007.