Of all the films produced, there were 10 great movies in 2007 that will become classics in the future. From cartoons to comedies to thrillers, these movies spread the gamut of genres. These ten movies also made an enormous amount of money at the box office.

  1. "Ratatouille". A fun cartoon flick for the entire family about a rat preparing gourmet meals. Pixar did an excellent job of making the audience laugh and have fun throughout the movie. "Ratatouille" is one of the great movies of 2007 in the cartoon genre.

  2. "No Country for Old Men". Action and adventure mixed with deeper meanings within the film and an enigmatic ending make "No Country for Old Men" one of the great movies 2007.  

  3. "There Will Be Blood". Playing an oil man, Daniel Day-Lewis delivers a powerful performance. Superb acting mixed with a powerful score composed by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead.

  4. "Good Luck Chuck". This was a funny movie with an interesting plot and all-star cast. The premise of the film is that women will find their true love after being intimate with a dentist named Chuck (Dane Cook) who eventually finds his one true love (Jessica Alba). Good Luck Chuck captured the hearts of many with a happy ending.

  5. "The Bourne Ultimatum".Considered one of the best action films since “Die Hard” and by far of the great movies 2007, The Bourne Ultimatum offers action, romance and an excellent plot.

  6. "Atonement". Based on Ian McEwan’s devastating novel, Atonement features a stellar cast. Although the movie did not bring justice to the book, it achieves a power of its own and is a must-see.

  7. "Juno". One of three of the great movies 2007 with regards to pregnancy, Juno is an enjoyable comedy. Ellen Page provides the audience with sarcastic musing while Michael Cera wears tight gyms shorts and the addition of plenty of other shenanigans.

  8. "Michael Clayton". This legal thriller is one of the great movies 2007 regarding cover-ups and wrongdoing by large corporations. George Clooney attempts to take them down. The script in this movie is nothing short of amazing and George Clooney delivers an excellent performance.

  9. "Knocked Up".One of the other delightful pregnancy movies, Knocked Up is a follow-up of the 40 Year Old Virgin and one of the great movies 2007. Seth Rogen provides plenty of vulgar sex jokes throughout the movie to keep the audience pleasantly entertained.

  10. "Into the Wild".An adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s nonfiction book about a rich man who deserts all of his material items to live in the Alaskan wilderness. Emile Hirsch delivers a splendid performance while the movie provides breathtaking vistas and themes of loneliness and freedom.