For those who like R-rated movies with T&A, below are a list of films that feature 10 great movie sex scenes. Some scenes feature the more traditional boy/girl sex scenes, while others delve into girl/girl, girl/girl/boy and masturbation scenes.

  1. "Gia" One of the hottest lesbian sex scenes features one of the hottest actresses as Angelina Jolie (Gia) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Gia's lover, Linda) spend a good portion of the movie having sex with each other. However, no scene is more hot and explicit than the sex scene following Jolie's nude photoshoot behind a mesh fence. Two thumbs are not the only digits that are up during this great movie sex scene.

  2. "Bound" Another girl/girl sex scene making the list, "Bound" features brunette beauties Violet (Jennifer Tilly) and Corky (Gina Gershon). One of the hottest scenes in the movie is when Tilly licks Corky's finger and guides it between her beautiful legs. 

  3. "Wild Things" "Wild Things" features lesbian sex scenes between Kelly Van Ryan (Denise Richards) and Suzie Toller (Neve Campbell), as well as a threesome involving Matt Dillon's character, Sam Lombardo. In the threesome scene, Sam showers the two beauties with Champaign as they passionately kiss each other.

  4. "Porky's" One of the most hilarious movies of the '80s, "Porky's" features a great sex scene when Miss Honeywell, (played by sexy Kim Cattrall) gets it on with a basketball coach in the men's locker room. In addition to her howling like a dog, the scene offers viewers a quick glimpse of her bush and fabulous bare ass.

  5. "Monster's Ball" Halle Barry's first real love scene was a beauty in this otherwise disappointing movie. Movie viewers got a very good view of Barry's beautiful nude body. Barry went on to win an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the film.

  6. "Bunny Brown" This 2003 independent film clunker did have one redeeming quality—a real live blow job scene featuring Chloe Sevigny. Sevingy's scene created a good bit of controversy even though it was her ex-boyfriend she went down on. 

  7. "About Last Night" Demi Moore and Rob Lowe share an awesome sex scene in the 1986 comedy "About Last Night. This movie was shot at a time when Moore was at her sexiest, as viewers get a full view of her breasts when she mounts Lowe on his bed.

  8. "Sliver" Sharon Stone was at her sexiest in the 1993 erotic thriller "Sliver" where she played the role of sexy business woman, Carly Norris. One particular scene that drove men wild was when she was masturbating in a bath tub while being observed on camera by her landlord. 

  9. "Wild Orchids" Carre Otis and Mickey Rourke starred in this 1989 erotic film that featured a sex scene so realistic that many thought that the two were having actual intercourse. 

  10. "Basic Instinct" Sharon Stone again finds herself on this list as she plays Catherine Tramell, a seductive and mysterious crime writer. One of the movie's hottest sex scenes involved her and Michael Douglas (playing the role of detective Nick Curran) having sex in her apartment. The scene featured oral sex and bondage. Stone's facial expressions made the sex appear very realistic.