If you’re feeling down because of the winter gloom, these 10 great movie moments are sure to put a little humor in your day. Whether they make you laugh or relate to a life experience, a certain number of script writers really knew what they were doing when they penned these lines.

  1. “Death Wish II” Charles Bronson is one tough old guy in “Death Wish II,” especially when confronting punks. He asks his daughter’s rapist if he believed in Jesus. When said punk says yes, Bronson tells him he’s going to meet him real soon. And bang! No more punk.

  2. “First Blood Part II” When Colonel Trautman receives word that John Rambo is the man for a dangerous mission to Viet Nam, Rambo stands at the prison gates and asks, “Do we get to win this time?” The colonel tells him it’s up to him, but treasonous mercenaries make his job that much harder in this great movie moment.

  3. “Big Daddy” When a restaurant owner doesn’t let Adam Sandler’s small friend use the toilet, Sandler gets crude in his usual way and teaches the kid to pee out of doors. Shy bladder or not, both boys give the wood restaurant doors a yellow polishing.

  4. “The Departed” Leonardo DiCaprio goes undercover for the Boston Police and winds up in an Irish mafia shooting bad guys. When he shoots one in the knee to make him release information, the bad guy screams, “I’m not going into shock! I’m supposed to go into shock!” after realizing in horror that he won’t pass out from the pain.

  5. “Get Shorty” John Travolta, Rene Russo and Gene Hackman are sitting around a table discussing who’s going to get a suspicious package. When John Travolta demands Hackman give him the keys, Gene drops them in the booze glass. Rene exclaims, “Oh, Harry!” like only she can. It’s definitely a great movie moment.

  6. “Beauty Shop” Queen Latifah’s getting ready to head out for work and asks her daughter, “Do these jeans make my butt look big?” When her daughter replies yes, Latifah grins and says, “Good” in her ever-so-southern accent.

  7. “Casino Royale” When James Bond picks up a pretty sweetheart for the night, he asks if she wants drive to his hotel from the casino. When she replies yes, he revs up the car, speeds up dramatically, spins around the island fountain in front of the casino and comes to a halt – right where he picked her up. Yep, he drove in a circle just for grins to make a great movie moment.

  8. “The Fugitive” Tommy Lee Jones is a U.S. Marshal out to hunt down Harrison Ford, an innocent fugitive. During the investigation, Tommy Lee Jones never breaks stride with his tough guy tone – even in the great movie moment when he orders a go-pher to get him a donut with “sprinkly thingies” on top.

  9. “Once Upon a Time in the West” When Charles Bronson unknowingly confronts thugs hired by his brother’s killer, he asks them if they brought a horse for him to ride back with them on in order to speak to the boss. When they reply that they’re one horse short, he shakes his head and replies, “You brought two too many” before putting three bullets in all of them.

  10. “The In-Laws” Albert Brooks is afraid of just about everything – especially flying. Michael Douglas takes him on a little jaunt to France and back to Chicago for a wedding. When Brooks’ wife realizes he’s just flown several thousand miles, Brooks assures her, “You gotta go private.”