10 Great Movie Kisses

Friday, March 4 by Melanie Ferguson

Even though there are many more than 10 great movie kisses, nothing is better than the thrill of romance on film.  Since the beginning of movie making and the creation of romantic films, the passion of the great movie kiss never fails to satisfy. Whether you are young or old, everyone seems to find excitement in a good kiss between the actors in a love story. Below are 10 of the great movie kisses, though not in any specific order. You will probably find a few of your favorites on the list, as well.

  1. "The Notebook". Long loving and having become distant, the kiss between Noah and Allie will be high on the list of great movie kisses. The reunion comes between the two in the rain and in the middle of a fight, though the kiss is passionate and explodes with emotion.
  2. "Gone With the Wind". Even though they may not be destined for happily ever after, the kiss between Scarlett and Rhett makes the great movie kiss list in spite of the outcome. It is a Hollywood classic, after all.
  3. "Breakfast at Tiffany’s". Rain and romance, once again make an absolute must for the list of great movie kisses. Just after professing not to belong to anyone and surrounded by the rain, Fred and Holly come to their senses and confess an undying love for the other that’s sealed with a kiss.
  4. "Lady and the Tramp". Old and young alike will attest that the spaghetti kiss between the Tramp and Lady is certainly one of the great movie kisses in the history of screen kisses. The nonchalant look on both of their faces adds to the romance of the kiss. Now, That’s Amore.
  5. "Titanic". Without equal backgrounds and overcoming the barriers between beliefs of society, Rose and Jack had their sweet kiss on the famous ship’s bow. The 1997 film has been slated as one of the industries most romantic and heart-wrenching movies ever created.
  6. "Spiderman". Hanging upside down, in the rain, down a dark alley. This might not be your idea of the perfect place for a passionate kiss, though Peter and Mary Jane found it more than perfect. Flawless enough to be one of the top movie kisses ever.
  7. "It’s a Wonderful Life". The scene of passionate tension and chemistry between George and Mary as they talk to Sam on the phone is insurmountable. He angrily tells her he wants nothing to do with plastics, ground floors or marriage, ever. Oh Mary, George, George, George!!
  8. "Pride and Prejudice". The 2007 romantic adaptation carries an intimate addition to the list of great movie kisses. It may not be the most steamy or sexy kiss, nonetheless, it was greatly anticipated throughout the movie. Literature lovers agree that Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth were ‘best kiss’ worthy.
  9. "Never Been Kissed". One of the best feeling kisses happened between teacher, Mr. Coulson, and an undercover reporter that he thought was a student, Josie. The best part about the kiss buildup is the suspense as she waits on the mound of the baseball diamond to find out if he feels for her enough to give her very first kiss. 
  10. "New Moon". Whether you are a "Twilight" fan or not, the kiss between Edward and Bella is incredibly hot. Teenagers go crazy over the saga because of the hype created, though the kiss at the end that was shared has to be included in the list of great movie kisses.
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