Setting up the list of 10 good vampire movies was a tough task. Vampire movies are a booming genre but most have a seemingly repetitive storyline. In consideration of ten good vampire movies, let’s take a look a vampire movies that offer a little more then the traditional. There will be of course traditional vampire fare offered in the list but also some with a little twist.

Ten good vampire movies to mull over for your next spook fest:

  1. “Nosferatu” 1922: This German film is a creepy silent movie that kicked it all off. Perhaps it is the silence of the movie or even the black and white that makes this a good vampire movie. Whatever it is, you have to see this one.

  2. “Underworld” 2003: Kate Beckinsale has never been sexier. Vampires and werewolves make for interesting and wonderful combination. This is a fast paced, action packed movie with much history and great effects.

  3. “Near Dark” 1987: This is a disturbing family of vampire’s tale. This vampire film provides a unique twist on the tired storyline for vampire movies. This is a bloody and entertaining film.

  4. “Cronos” 1994: This is an intelligent and twisted vampire film with all the gore and attitude. Traditional storytelling but very well designed and played out. This film is well worth the price of a rental.

  5. “From Dusk ‘til Dawn” 1996: Have vampires ever been sexier? This is a rowdy-ruckus of a vampire film, which is highly entertaining and fun. You try and survive the night in this sexy but run down bar.

  6. “30 Days of Night” 2007: This is a bloodthirsty vampire film. This is cleverly laid out and presented is this bloody Alaskan baked film. "30 Days" is a great lights out, middle of the night film for the entire family.

  7. “Let the Right One in” 2007: With intelligence and variety into its storytelling, this film works on the same lines as every other vampire film, except this one provides some unexpected thrills.

  8. “Blade” 1998: Even if you are a hater of Wesley Snipes, this is a must see Vampire film. Great effects and the action is believable and fun. This comic book based vampire film is true to the genre.

  9. “Night Watch” 2005: This Russian entry is a clever and entertaining vampire film. This is a classic light versus dark theme in a wonderful setting with great CGI.

  10. “Vampyr” 1931: A bizarre and often sick plunge in to the world of the vampire. A gruesome tale that's over the top for the time period.