10 Good Spanish Movies

Friday, January 28 by Jessica Fletcher

These 10 good Spanish Movies are all great movies to watch to change things up. If you're tired of the same American romantic comedy and crave something new, you might want to branch out into foreign films. Spanish films have been particularly notorious for their artistic quality and great scripts. The acting is also exceptional. So even if you don't speak Spanish, don't be afraid to turn on the subtitles and consider these great flicks.

  1. "Y Tu Mama Tambien": This film has exceptional actors, including Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal. The movie is quite intriguing and features and engaging plot. You won't regreat watching this film, you may even find yourself investing in the DVD.
  2. "El Fauno Laberinto": This Spanish horror film is unique due to its fairytale characteristics. However, it is certainly not a children's fairytale as it features gruesome torture and gore. Nonetheless, the film is artfully done and is truly an elite film you absolutely cannot miss.
  3. "Mala Educacion": Featuring Gael Garcia Bernal, this Spanish film makes bold gender statements while having many surprises within the script. You'll find yourself glued to the screen as you watch this great film. It is definitely one of the best Spanish films to be made yet.
  4. "Diarios de Motociclista": This film beautifully captures the story of Che Guevara played by Diego Luna. From Che's life as a medical student to his ride across America, the film captures the life of the future revolutionary. Regardless of how you feel about Che, you won't want to miss the intriguing perspective the film brings to the legend.
  5. "Hable con Ella": This popular Almodovar (director) film did extremely well internationally. There is no question why given the artistic story of the bond between two men. If you are intrigued by films that take up the difficult topics like tragedy, you will want to consider this film.
  6. "Lucia y El Sexo": An amazing take on memory, love, and loss, this film is a phenomenal insight over heartache. Investigating the blurred recollections of Lucia after losing her boyfriend, the film shows a unique insight to the fuzzy truths. This is without a doubt one of the top ten Spanish films.
  7. "Amores Perros": Once again Gael Garcia Bernal makes a great performance in another amazing Spanish film. Capturing three intertwining and eccentric stories, the film is engaging and powerfully created. An insight into the real extremes of love, this film is not to be missed.
  8. "La Misma Luna": This heartfelt film captures the story of a mother struggling to work in the U.S., in order to provide for her son in Mexico. It shows the complicated tale of the boy who tries to get to the U.S. to find his mother. This film is truly unique and definitely makes the top of any foreign film list.
  9. "Volver": Hugely popular film, director Almodovar once again is successful in exquisite character developments. The film tells the story of a grandmother who returns to Spain, becoming a comfort to her daughter. This masterpiece is one you'll be watching many times again.
  10. "Carne Tremula": Featuring Penelope Cruze, director Almodovar shows a truly twisted and complicated love story. This film has been called one of Almodovar's best, and it truly is. You won't want to pass by this Spanish film.
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